Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flu Attack Shopping Trip!!!

Yesterday, I was thinking to write a blog post about something different than usual as it is almost the  end of January.SO I found the photo of my shopping trip that I have bought some medicines etc for Hubby.He was super sick.Yes! got flu!!! Thanks God, he is fine now!! Guess my gifts did its job!!
Let me show you what I have bought for him in this sick days!!

  • First I bought this Vicks Dayquil & NyQuil (twin packs) I thought it would be great to try both.He works at night;so dayquil for evening time.And before go to bed Nyquil would be awesome.It was on sale on  CVS!!
  • Then I bought this Debrox Earwax.It's a necessary medicine that everyone should have it!! If you wanna buy it,dn't forget to print the coupons from their website!
  • And last but not the list, a sweet candy for him to express my love.(LOL)
What do you buy for someone who got flu??
Stay safe & protected from Flu !!


  1. Yep, I just bought today dayquil and nightquil and wipes and cough drops, My two kids are sick, And my hubby who never gets sick, has the flu.Stay well my friend, I am trying hard not to get sick xo Tyvm for you post

    1. I hope everyone will be fine..It's gonna be a tough day to stay fit and safe from flu but stil am trying... ave a nice weekened


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