Sunday, January 13, 2013

Healthy Surprise Box :January 2013

As you might have read my 2013 resolution post, where I have mention to eat healthy food;I was so excited to try the New Healthy Surprise Box where I can test some different kind of healthy snacks which is absolutely go along with my resolution!!!
I am a big fan of snacks,crackers,bar etc.And yeah! most of the time they are not even healthy.But I do wanna to improve myself to avoid unwanted-unhealthy foody crush.
Wala! recently discovered the Healthy Surprise Box, which is a monthly subscription box.
When I opened the box,I was like,"WAOO What a great Box."
The packaging is huge and there are so manyyy snacks(which is even healthy!!)in the box!!
I guess many of you heard about the healthy surprise box.But if you new to know about it,then keep reading!!
BTW, just wanna to mention you guys that  I am right now eating the Fuji AppleCrisps from the box and writing this post!! OMG!! SO yummy!!

Before start reading, you need to know that all the snacks are natural,real,gluten-free, vegan, soy free. 
Please feel free to watch the video if you want- (skip the horrible voice quality)

Everything wrapped up with yellow tissue papers including the welcome paper where described about the box service and etc.

This is their logo sticker!!

 Lets see what inside of it---

It's a Flax Bar Original.It has 195 calorie.Make sure to drink lots of water with it.
Ground flax seeds, oats, purified water, raw sunflower seeds, raw sesame seeds, dates, coconut, raisins, raw walnuts, raw almonds, dried apricots, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, cranberry juice, natural evaporated cane juice, pomegranite juice, orange juice, olive oil, lemon juice, vanilla, green tea, cinnamon & sea salt. Natural vitamin E added to preserve freshness. Facility may have traces of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat & milk.

The next snack is the Peter Rabbit Organics Pouch- I got the strawberry and banana flavor.I think kids gonna love it.
Ingredients: Banana+strawberry+lemon juice 

Then I got the Mango Joe Bar- You can try it as a dessert.I haven't tried yet but will sooon.Stick up with me on Instagram for the future info.
Ingredients: organic coconut° organic walnuts ° organic raw coconut nectar ° organic raw mango ° organic chia seeds° organic raw maca root powder ° organic raw virgin coconut oil ° organic cold pressed vanilla extract

Then Sprouties Pumpkin seeds- it's mixed with some spice to enhance the taste of it.I absolutely love the pumpkin seeds.We always make a side dish with it using some ingredients and hell yeah,it taste like amazing!! Make sure to mash it properly.

Next I got Texas BarBQ Power Wraps- It is so yummy healthy snacks. Spicy sweet flavor.Raw snack.
It has Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Molasses, Organic Tomatoes, Organic Lemon, Organic Raw Nori (Fish Free), Natural Liquid Hickory Smoke, Organic Spices, Celtic Sea Salt and Hing.

This Fearless Organic Super Chocolate is so yummy!! I am a big fan of chocolate! Though I don't like coconuts but still love it.It has 70% coconut.Made with organic cocoa,coconut,sugar.

I love almond nut specially when it's merinated with honey/sugar!! This Olomono Nut co is so delicious.You must try it if you love almond..I got the Chai Bliss Almond.Best tea time ever!!

As I have mention above,This one is my super favorite among the entire box!! It taste so goood!! I actually try the different kind of apple chips that taste horrible but this one, is unique!! It is air dried process totally natural(organic) I am going to buy some more apple chips soon!! It is super healthy and delicious!! I highly recommend it to everyone!!!Lemme know if you try it before.

Then I have got this Pitaya Dried Snack- I love dragonfruit! when I saw this packet I was so excited to try it.You might know dragon fruit is so healthy for human body.Haven't open yet.

Cowboy Kale Chips- When I saw the cat photo, I thought it's a cat food. lol I love kale chips,what about you?

Sea Snax- I have no idea about this snack..I think it's kind of sheet,made with olive.I guess you might wrap the food with it and eat it !!Any idea?

Anyway, that's all in my box.I hope you like it.
if you are curious like me then please visit their Facebook page / website and don't forget to subscribe.
I have tried the starter box.
They have three kind of subscription box-
1.Starter Box-$33/month + $6.99 shipping
2.Healthy Box-$66/month + Free Shipping
3.Large Box-$99/month + Free Shipping

Lemme know if you have tried the Healthy Surprise Box.
HAve a Nice day...


  1. That looks like an interesting subscription box!! i was wondering, have u heard of bulu box? are they similar to each other?


    1. I have heard about bulu box but never tried yet,it's a vitamin supplement box, And the healthy surprise box is a healthy snacks box.The similarity is that both of the boxes are healthy box.!!
      Thanks for the comment,dear <3

  2. what a cool box - the chocolate sounds the most appealing to me!
    Chic on the Cheap


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