Friday, February 1, 2013

January Empties 2013

Happy Fresh New Month to all Of you!!
Just finished cooking for tomorrow as I cook at night to save my time and do some extra cores!! Oh Yeah!! I cook every night ! (until my sis.come back from abroad)
Just gather all my empty items to write a post for the first time in my blog!! Excited!!!
You will see some different kind of items.Though it is almost impossible to save the empties as hubby always throw everything !! lol ..
I was inspired by some of the bloggers,youtubers doing empty posts,videos and thought I can try that too!!
Let me know if you like it or not..
Here is the first items I have finished using.
* Loreal Visible Lift liquid foundation- it was one of my favorite foundation.Though it wasn't finished but was expired! It looked so natural when applied! I really need to buy a new one! Any recommendation?
*Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant- It wasn't my favorite though,you can check out the Review Here-Click Me
*St.Ives Green Tea Scrub- I am a big fan of St.Ives scrub.Though apricot is my fvt one,thought to try the green tea.It's also awesome! clean my face as well and it's kind of made my face over dry.I used it twice a week.
*DR Salon Formula Nail Remover- It wasn't so good though.I am not recommend to buy this remover.This one my first remover when I moved to NYC (i hadn't any idea that time about the good remover or anything else though!!)

*Willa Foaming Facial Wash- I am in love with this foaming facial wash.Smell good,cleanse all the dirts. Check out the review HERE
*Clear Hair Shampoo + Conditioner- I absolutely love  it.Smooth my hair.Perfect for anytime.I was using the travel size.And will look forward for the full size!!
*Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Shower Wash- I have finished using the coconut lime flavor & absolutely love it.It can actually calm your mind when I did shower.Smooth the skin and gives a shea look.

*Benefit Oxygen Foundation- I got the wrong shade of the foundation.SO i mixed with other color and used it well.Love the feelings when I applied it.very smooth!! Perfect for daily use.Check out the review: CLICK ME
*Neutrogena Hand Cream- One of the best Hand cream in earth.Check out the review: CLICK ME
*Carmex Lip Balm- Finally finished it.It actually smell so weird.Never gonna buy again.Check out the review: CLICK ME
*NiveaBody Lotion- I can trust nivea always.It can smooth your body as well as protect from getting dry.Smells perfect.

*Blue Lady Fragrance- It was gifted by hubby from Qatar,as I was addicted with the Blue Lady Fragrance since 9th grade!!
*Chandni Cone Henna Paste- I am an Asian Muslim, & I am a big fan of Henna.On every occasion   we wear henna,no matter what.I actually don't need any occasion,I always stock some extra henna in my drawer.have you tried yet?

*Masque Cleanser- I absolutely love this one.Foamy and cleanse all the dirts.Smooth my face as well.
*Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen-Gel Moisturizer- I have been using it for the last month and love it as well.It does moisture the skin and prevent from getting dry faster.
*Garnier Gel Cream- I love this one.Perfect for dry skin.can't wait to buy the full size.
*Ponds Towelettes- It wasn't my favorite one though;always use it until finish it.

*Air Wick Freshener- I actually forgot what flavor I have finished.My room smell fresh though!
*Glade Mist- It's the pineapple flavor which one is my favorite!! Just love it.Still have more of it.

These are the snacks Items I always keep beside my bed table.
*Chex Mix- First time tried it and in love with it.Perfect for hanging time with friends and have some chex!
*Apple Candy Gum- It's a gummy candy;though not so favorite.
*Green Tea- Haha!! This is the expired tea bag I found on the bedside table!!
*Trident Gum- We always love trident and have lots of it on my purse or pocket
*Mango Joe Bar- I got this one from healthy surprise box.Its tastes more coconut than the mango!! Very dry bar.But still like it.Check out the Review HERE
*Brother all Naturals Crisps- This is the best chips ever! healthy,delicious and yummy!!
*Ruchi Chutney- oh yeah! I am a lover of pickles!! here is one of my favorite from my country!!Yummy!! Its a mango pickles!
*Olomomo Nut Co- It's an almond spicy nut.taste ok!! Review HERE

See you next time!!
Be Happy!!


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