Thursday, January 3, 2013

MAC Mineralize Gleeful Blush

Happy New Year!!
This is my first Blush post since I have started blogging! I have been thinking to write about the blushes for some days ago but haven't really got chance to do it.But finally here I am with my new Blush from MAC! 
As you might probably saw it from my previous post that I got it as a gift for NEW YEAR!
It was really surprising! I was thinking to buy a new blush cause was so bored of using the same old blushes for a year!Thank Goodness!! My family actually can read my mind,right?One of my niece got it for me.That is so sweet of her!! Thanks a lot!

Described by Mac as a 'deep, dirty blue-pink with gold pearl', to me its kind of deep peachy shimmery shade,combine with gold shimmer.I have fair skin tone,but I think it will go with any skin tone-dark to fair.
It's called Gleeful- such a warm shade that makes you feel prettier! 
I think you can use it in all season.You can wear it in winter, or in summer-still will look pretty and sexy!!
It's really finely mild and has a lovely soft texture.
With Gleeful, I find that a little does go a really long way, and due to this I think it's going to take me forever to actually hit pan! It requires only a light dusting on the cheekbones and gives a lovely, healthy flush.

Here is the pic of swatches-

Using the round blush brush,I apply it in a circular motion while contouring the cheeks.You have to be careful while using it as it is very pigmented!
It is very easy to blend with my skin! I probably gonna use it a lot on summer.
Price- $23.50
What is your favorite blush?Do you have any recommendation for a good blush? Lemme know...

Happy Holiday ladies... <3


  1. i never use blush, just never found that i liked it

    1. Seriously!!! you should try once in a lifetime...Just kidding..My aunt never use blush too.I think some ppl look gorgeous without using blush,right?
      Thanks for the compliment


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