Sunday, January 27, 2013


Recently got another campaign from +BzzAgent & you can guess it's the awesome "Neutrogena Handcream"
Honestly speaking, as a blogger,I am enjoying this hand cream like crazy !!
It's not like other brand's hand cream ; so unique by the formula they made. It's like a balm/ointment that will heal your crack,dry hand and observe the moisture in it.
It has no alcoholic fragrance which for I give it a Triple THUMPS UP+
I am always choosy about hand cream.I only picked no-fragrance hand cream as alcoholic fragrance makes me sick (I don't know why) Thanks to Bzzagent  for introducing me this awesome hand cream that I highly recommend to anyone!!

As you might know, I am a nail polishaholic; so I need something that protect my hands from getting dry,cracked as well as heal with a smoothing glow.
Whenever I do manicure,I am applied the Neutrogena Hand cream.It works great!!

So, Bzzagent sent me the full size of Neutrogena Brand New Hand Cream;I am though not sure if it's available in store/online. They also sent some samples to share with others.I only share 3 of them to my friends and rest of it,I put on some of my purse(lol,so in love with it!)
Cause you never know when you need it.

Such a cute tube,isn't it?

A little bit goes a long way! Yes,That's all I  need!!
 Look at my healing hand.It is now ready for the nail polish!!

And it can also safe for baby hands too!! She is hiding herself from the flashes!!
We can't wait to put some of our fvt polishes then.

Here is Sadia's Show off nail and some photo shoot!!

As you can see, we are loving our  Neutrogena hand cream and my baby niece enjoying with me and testing it too.She is loving it as well!!
It is really smooth my hand .Gives a baby soft feelings!
No more dry hand guys,just apply a little drops of Neutrogena hand cream and easy to go along...
Have you tried yet??

**Have a nice day----Sweet dreams-----Happy Sunday**

*I got it Free From Bzzagent for the review .All opinion & photos are my own.


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