Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year Resolution 2013

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Finally I have listed my New Year Resolution! I know it's late But I believe that "it's never too late to make your life beautiful"  I just try to make it simple;so that I can easily do it(lazy thought!!)
1.Try to eat healthy food- I love junk food.I am trying to skip that And make healthy food at home like DIY.

2.Walk at least 4/5 days a week-  it's so boring to walk alone,you know.So I have decided to do some mini shopping from the local store whenever I saw any deal.It'll make me run to the store.LOL... Do you have any better idea? Lemme know!!

3.Give extra time to hair;I made a routine to do some hair mask/oil treatment twice a week.I barely take care of my hair.And also I need a new hair cut. Not decided yet.

4.Take care my skin. Specially look for the best anti-aging products earlier!!Put SPF whenever go outside

5.Face mask with Hubby Once every week.We actually love to do that together.It's just so much fun and enjoying our quality time.

6.Research more before shopping.I am currently excited to use coupon while shopping.It's just so much fun on saving money,you know.It's kind of addicted though.

7.Read and learn more.Whatever it is.

8.Thankful to Almighty (Allah!!) for giving me a beautiful and better life.Start praying regularly!!!

9.Be Happy!! Blog regularly.

10.Call  & Skype  regularly to parents.

That's it!!!I just try to make it simple.
Let me know about your resolution.You know how much I love to read about your resolution!!!
Comment below so that I can read yours.
HAve Fun,everyone!!

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