Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects {Va-Va-Vivid} Cleansing System Review

Today I am going to review about the "Olay Fresh Effects Cleansing System'' that I have received from Expotv last month.As it was recently released in almost every store,I thought this is the right time to write a review and my experienced , thoughts of this products to share with you guys!
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 So I have received the mail like couple of weeks ago!
Let me show you the whole box of Olay kit!! 

I was really super excited to try this when i saw the Cleansing Brush! Though I am not a big fan of Olay products- (never suit my skin though) 
The kit includes-
*Shine Minimizing Cleanser (20 ml)
*Facial Cleansing Mini Brush

The packaging looks so pretty and dashing !!

Products Features-
Liberate your skin from dirt, oil and makeup withthe longer brush ingeniously designed for a 400% better clean vs. basic cleansing

My Opinion-
As I have told you,I was so excited to try it,But It doesn't fulfil my demands at all. 
*The cleanser supposed to clean all the dirts,makeup(as it required) but it Ddin't!! I had to use face wash for complete cleansing process!! 
*It has a sticky feelings,when using the cleanser
The brush is made with silicon;soft,you have to use one battery for that.It has a button to turn off/on. 
*When I on the button,it vibrates but doesn't clean my face though.
*mini size;so you can carry it when traveling.
*Doesn't clean my face completely
*Doesn't erase the shiny spot at all.

Rate-   2/10

Purchase Again-   Never!! (Honest Opinion!!)

Recommend- NO!!

Check out the Video Review-

That's all my honest opinion.Thanks to ExpoTV for letting me try it.You know I would rather try it before buy it!!
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Have a nice day!! 


  1. Oh well... I don´t usually trust there miracle cleanser thingies that come with brushes and such. It sounds too good that a rubber brush would be the answer to all your problems haha. I trust the more simple solutions. Thanks for the review!


    1. I love my clarisonic more than anything... this kit is really aweful.
      thanks for stopping by

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