Saturday, January 19, 2013

Palmolive VoxBox 2013 Review!!

Once again +Influenster makes me HAppy!!
Yes!! I have got another Voxbox from +Influenster which is "Palmolive Voxbox" 
I have been waiting for so long timeeee...When I got the mail,I was Super Duper excited!!
I didn't know they would send me three full size products in the  box! How awesome it is to get surprise from them!!
Okay,let's get to the box...
Inside of my Palmolive Voxbox I received three full size Liquid Dish wash-
*Ginger White Tea
*Lemon thyme
*Lime basil
Here is my BoX, Oh! I had to hide the address! It was huge and heavy!

Wanna See what inside?---
3 Full size Dish Liquid
Some $1.50 off coupons

Who Doesn't love it!!

I am currently using the Ginger White tea Liquid Dish washer;I really wanna see how good it is.
They all smell so fresh and yummy.You absolutely gonna love it when you'll clean those dirty dishes.
I am so in love with the smell of it.Just amazing and so impressed of it!!

Wanna proof?--check out my cleaning dishes pics---using the ginger white tea dish liquid;

Look! How clean it is!! SO impressed!

Here is the coupons and the card description

I have decided to share Lemon thyme with one of my friends as she is excited like me too!
Have you tried them yet?
you can get it from +Walmart 
BTW Feel free to check out the video review-(sorry for the low voice,I'm not expert!!)

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Disclaimer-I received this products free from Influenster.All opinions/pictures/video are my own.


  1. Receiving mails is always exciting! :) I didn't know Palmolive has Liquid Dish Wash :)


    1. absolutely!! Specially when the ups/usps/fedex car stop in front of my house lol :p

  2. Wow you actually received your coupons too. A lot of us didn't receive our coupons as well. :)

    1. that's so weird!! I guess you need to contact with them,cause I have heard that their customer service is amazing!!


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