Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sephora Trio-Ombre Moonshadow Review

Here is my another favorite eyeshadow from sephora,I bought it few months ago.It was on sale though.. The colors look so pretty,thought to give a try.
It comes with a round container.Looks so cute!!
Three colors that makes an ombre- Brown for the lower lid, Blue for the middle of the lid and golden for the upper lid(use as a highlighter) 

Nice pigmented too!  As I love it so much,so bought another one for my sister-in-law.Hope she will love it..

Have you ever tried this ombre shade.. Which one is your favorite.I would love to know your opinion.
Have a nice day.

Disclaimer- bought it mself

NOTD <>Fishtail For The First Time <>

After a long long days later , here is my another NOTD ! First time did it myself . Kind of messy,hope you guys don't mind for the mistake..
For the fishtail look, I have used four colors.
*Essie- recessionista
*Color CLub- status update
*Zoya- Bevin
* WNW- clear coat
-----First I applied the essie polish all over the nails.When it dried, made a fishtail with zoya and then added the color club at the end of the nail.Finally applied the top coat to dry fast and lock the color.

Let me know if you like it or not..
Have a nice day.

Disclaimer: all the products are bought it myself.

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Here is the link :Spicy Box  
 Have a nice day !!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lifeway Kefir

Hello! & welcome to my blog! Today I have something yummy yummy to review!!! 
Last week we got a free voucher coupon from +Influenster  and it's the yummy voxbox I have ever got!!

Lifeway Kefir is a new brand for ice cream/yogurt/smoothie.(i.e. milky products etc) 
When I got the coupon , I was excited to try it,as I am just like you--Icecream Lover!! 
I almost look every store near our home to find the kefir products.But it's almost impossible to get it as it's a new products and most of the store don't have it. Burnt $10 gas,went to Manhattan.Then Find the store +WholeFoods  and then finally got my smooothie and icecream!!! Felt like winning a game at last!!
But it was worth it as the icecream is so delicious and yummy..We got the strawberry Yogurt flavor and when I tasted it,I feel sweet,tarty, sour,, It's just amazing..Though I didn't find the big jar,but I'll try for the big one next time.
Here are some sneak peak photos of us and a funny video,if you like t watch.

yeah! got it!

Too dark to see me!!
 At home We first wanna to test the  yummy icecream>>>>>

watch out a funny video (kind of)...

You should give a try atleast!!! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

August Wishlist

It's almost the last day of July !! And I already make a Wish list for August ! Normally I don't write any wish list post like this , but you know it's Ramadan and  soon we'll have Eid ; so I thought to make  a list of things I want/need/buying. 
Here are some of the items I am dying to buy ---
This royal blue bag is so cute!! Not so big-not so small. Perfect with nice outfit! 

I have read so many reviews of the Daiso peel off mask. I really wanna try myself. 

This nature republic soothing aloe Vera gel is a multitasking products. I think every girl should have this.

I lost my eye of Horus eyeliner pen last month. Badly looking for a new one 

Another clutch dear. Can use it for casual time .. So cute 

This is a two coated mascara that has gold and black pigment. Interested to see how it works. 
So that's all I am thinking to buy this August.Let me know what you think about all my pick items. Which one is your fvt/ like to try out? I am thinking to write a review of the items when ill buy it. 
Feel free to comment below about your post. I would love to read... xoxo

Friday, July 26, 2013

English Rose Cosmetics Eye Cream-- Comes With A New Jar!!

Hey Guys! If you are following my blog , then you probably seen my review about the English Rose Cosmetics Eye Cream before. Well I am a big fan of their awesome products. I have tried their eye cream And I loved it so much.Just my complain was about their container that came with a  plastic jar which broke for no reason.So the good news is that they improve the container into a glass Jar which looks pretty awesome.Doesn't look cheap at all!! I still have some eye cream leftover.So when I'll finish it,definitly going to grab the new jar!! 
Here is a sneak peak 

-It's a 15ml glass jar 
-Contains 5% Cytobiol Lumin Eye* and anti-ageing Hyaluronic acid, Allantoin and Creatine to reduce appearance of fine wrinkles.
-In-vivo studies 30 volunteers aged 27-60
17.4% bag reduction, 11.4% reduction in puffiness, 71.8 dark shadow brightening

Use this code to get a discount while shopping - "eyecream''

Here is the link - English Rose

They also have awesome collection of skincare products.Go now and check hurry!! You'll love it.
HAve a wonderful Friday!!


Dove GoFresh Long Lasting Deodorant Review

As you guys may have seen my previous review about Their Body Mist Here , They also sent me the Deodorant of the same collection- Revive Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena scent. I am also amazed of this full size deodorant. 
It is 2.6 oz  anti- perspirant deodorant that should be last for 48 hours as they said so. It is also reduce underarm wetness. 

What I like- It does contain last longer which I really like about it. Also love that it does reduce the wetness of underarm.

What I dislike- I do not like the container.I do prefer the watery based deodorant which have roller ball in it. I do not like the stick one though! 
Another thing is , it's smell so chemically  which i dislike most.

Purchase- No

Let me know about your favorite deodorant . I would love to hear from you guys.
Have a nice day.

Dove Everyday Body Mist Review

Am I late enough to review about this amazing--awesome--incredible Body mist from Dove?? Well, maybe I am !But  I can't hold myself to write a bit about this yummy Body mist! I guess I am not the only one who love it!!
As it's summer,so you must need a body mist to refresh from the heat!
Recently I have got chance to try their new "Everyday Body Mist Revive pomegranate & Lemon Verbena".. I didn't know it would be my favorite before, as I dislike their body shower of this collection..I just don't like the smell of the body shower.
The mist comes with a little plastic spray bottle which is 3 fl oz/89 ml.It is transparent ;so you can see the color of the mist which is pink (kind of)!!

What I like - It is so refreshing,smell super sweet like a real pomegranate. I have used the Bath & body Works Mist before and I really dislike it as they contain too much alcohol.No wonder dove is totally less- alcoholic which is why i am in love with their mist!!

What I dislike- Nothing really!

Purchase- Yes/maybe..

Where to Purchase- Any drugstore

Let me know your favorite everyday body mist.I would love to read about it!
Have a nice day!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fruity Homemade Peel Off Mask For Glowing Skin!!

Happy Ramadan to all of my friends!
I wonder what you guys do after finishing Iftar ! Well, after Iftar, is totally a lazy time for me to relax my body as well as mind. Today I feel like doing some DIY facial treatment as Eid is getting closure and closure . Thought to make a face mask with the leftover fruits !! I know it's a brilliant idea,right ?!! (Lol) I am too lazy! But the weather getting change ( 66 '') so it's time to do something! 
Well to make the fruity mask, you can take any fruits you want. Or add anything else with it.
I used it whatever I have found in the freeze!! 
* blueberry
-----Mashed and apply on the face! Wait for 10-15 minutes.Then wet your fingers and slowly rub your face.You'll see the peeling dead cell in your hand!! (Surprise!! I made a peel off mask!!)  & rinse with luke warm water. See, so simple...

What the benefit-
Do I need to tell you about the benefit??? But still let me remind you some. Blueberry papaya cantaloupe works as an antioxidant for the skin.It has vitamin A, C, E  that gives your skin extra boost. yoghurt will give you a glow of protection. The blueberry also works as a scrub too.(see the little seeds,works as a scrubber!!)that also enhance the skin.
My funny face LOL

My Opinion- 
this mask is really awesome. When I applied it, I feel slightly burning sensation.(may be its working!!) when it's dried,I slightly rub it to peel off the dead cell. After washing the face with lukewarm water, I feel so soft and glowing!It does clean my face as well.I even didn't use any face wash at all.

Do It Again-
yes! Of course !!! I loved it.saved some for hubby ....

Have you ever tried any fruity face mask yourselves. Did you get any benefit? I would love to hear from you .