Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fruity Homemade Peel Off Mask For Glowing Skin!!

Happy Ramadan to all of my friends!
I wonder what you guys do after finishing Iftar ! Well, after Iftar, is totally a lazy time for me to relax my body as well as mind. Today I feel like doing some DIY facial treatment as Eid is getting closure and closure . Thought to make a face mask with the leftover fruits !! I know it's a brilliant idea,right ?!! (Lol) I am too lazy! But the weather getting change ( 66 '') so it's time to do something! 
Well to make the fruity mask, you can take any fruits you want. Or add anything else with it.
I used it whatever I have found in the freeze!! 
* blueberry
-----Mashed and apply on the face! Wait for 10-15 minutes.Then wet your fingers and slowly rub your face.You'll see the peeling dead cell in your hand!! (Surprise!! I made a peel off mask!!)  & rinse with luke warm water. See, so simple...

What the benefit-
Do I need to tell you about the benefit??? But still let me remind you some. Blueberry papaya cantaloupe works as an antioxidant for the skin.It has vitamin A, C, E  that gives your skin extra boost. yoghurt will give you a glow of protection. The blueberry also works as a scrub too.(see the little seeds,works as a scrubber!!)that also enhance the skin.
My funny face LOL

My Opinion- 
this mask is really awesome. When I applied it, I feel slightly burning sensation.(may be its working!!) when it's dried,I slightly rub it to peel off the dead cell. After washing the face with lukewarm water, I feel so soft and glowing!It does clean my face as well.I even didn't use any face wash at all.

Do It Again-
yes! Of course !!! I loved it.saved some for hubby ....

Have you ever tried any fruity face mask yourselves. Did you get any benefit? I would love to hear from you . 


  1. I can't wait to try this! Sounds like a good mask to do this summer!!


    1. definitely!! you should try too. so easy to do it... Thanks

  2. This is so awesome, when I saw your pic in instagram I thought you were using packed mask, don't know if homemade mask can be this good. And I've just know that cantaloupe can be used as a mask <3
    I usually use Yam bean for mask, it's good reduce black spots ^_^

    Anyway, I've posted the steam cake recipe, i hope it's useful ^_^


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