Wednesday, July 17, 2013

JOTD- Jewelry Of The Day

Hello everyone!
Hope you are enjoying your summer days pretty well!!
 I always love to wear some jewelry, everytime I go out somewhere (whether it's summer or winter!!).Without it I feel naked!! (really!!) So I thought to do a blogpost about "JOTD" which is new in my blog.Hope you guys like it.
The most essential jewelry of my collections-

This bangle is really cute and colorful.Best for summer time.One of my cousin gifted me few years ago!

This one is my favorite one.Almost all the time I wear it.It can go with any outfit,right? Gifted by my brother, on my birthday!

This earring has pearl with it that comes with a smile! So cute !

A golden sparkly ring..

The last one has vibrant colors on it.Reddish,orange pink shades!!So pretty!

That's all for today!! Lemme know if you like it....Time for Sehri!
Have a nice weekend!!


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