Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lifeway Kefir

Hello! & welcome to my blog! Today I have something yummy yummy to review!!! 
Last week we got a free voucher coupon from +Influenster  and it's the yummy voxbox I have ever got!!

Lifeway Kefir is a new brand for ice cream/yogurt/smoothie.(i.e. milky products etc) 
When I got the coupon , I was excited to try it,as I am just like you--Icecream Lover!! 
I almost look every store near our home to find the kefir products.But it's almost impossible to get it as it's a new products and most of the store don't have it. Burnt $10 gas,went to Manhattan.Then Find the store +WholeFoods  and then finally got my smooothie and icecream!!! Felt like winning a game at last!!
But it was worth it as the icecream is so delicious and yummy..We got the strawberry Yogurt flavor and when I tasted it,I feel sweet,tarty, sour,, It's just amazing..Though I didn't find the big jar,but I'll try for the big one next time.
Here are some sneak peak photos of us and a funny video,if you like t watch.

yeah! got it!

Too dark to see me!!
 At home We first wanna to test the  yummy icecream>>>>>

watch out a funny video (kind of)...

You should give a try atleast!!! 


Thank you so much for your precious comment..Have a great Day..Xoxo..