Sunday, July 7, 2013

Midnight Edition- What To Eat Before Taking Pill(Painkiller)!!

Hello & welcome to my new blog series called - "Midnight Edition" !! 
In this series,I will basically post about what I do at midnight etc.
As you might not know that I am currently recovering myself from a surgery & for that reason I am not allowed to do anything that can give me chronic pain.I barely care about that and thats give me hard -pain later.So I was cleaning my house today,and I guess I gave too much pressure myself to get rid of all the dirts (lol) and as usual this crazy pain now attacks me like a cow!!! 
It's midnight and I have got the cervix pain again!!There is no way to get rid of this pain unless you take the medication; before taking the pills you have to eat something.So I cooked the (one & only!!) "Pumpkin Flower Noodles" today, which is really easy to make as well as healthy too.
The Ingredients- 
  1. Instant cup noodles
  2. One Pumpkin Flower
  3. Two onions
  4. One green chilli
  5. Olive oil
  6. Chilli sauce 
  7. Broccoli (optional) 
cut all the ingredients.  mix everything with egg except the noodles.cook it first and then just add noodles with it.That's it!! (lame & easy.Duhh!!)

mixing , mixing.... 

Ready to eat... 
Last but not the least, have some ginger-ale after taking your pills.(Helps to digest)
Be happy  And  Stay Healthy !! 
Cautions: If you are allergic to any of the ingredients,then avoid it. Before taking any medication for pain,please talk to your doctor first.



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