Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Heart Goes On.....

I always wanted to buy a +Titanic Blue heart necklace since childhood!! Now you can get it almost like anywhere,right?? On last December Sylar bought me this pretty necklace that almost looks like the titanic necklace (silly me!!) 
It's made with  +Swarovski Crystal which you can see for the shineness ! Oh! and I forgot the price too !! lol 
A blur photo of mine at the end...bluh!!!
Have you owned anything childish like me!! Lemme know !! 


  1. It not silly, it's pretty! I'd wear it. It's the color of my birthstone, sapphire. The heart necklace on the top left is pretty too. I'd wear that in a heartbeat. **no pun intended** lol Welcome back, Jannatul. Good to see your posts again.


Thank you so much for your precious comment..Have a great Day..Xoxo..