Thursday, August 1, 2013

Natural Pain Relief Noxicare Cream

Happy August Everyone!! Today I am going to talk about Noxicare Pain Relief Cream.
Well, after finishing all the household chores and also praying Namaz (Salaat) I feel so tired and yes, Sometimes I do get cramping on my legs,hands and muscles too :( Then I definitly looking for a pain killer which is kind of not good for my health.As you probably knew it that pain killer is harmful for our heart as well as body. If it's not emergency DR. usually  do not recommend  pain killer to anyone. So there is only one thing I need, that is a natural pain relief process. 
Finally I was happy as well as excited to heard about this company called "NOXICARE"  who invented this pain relief cream that is totally natural and harmless.They also have capsules too.
You should check out their website to learn more: NOXICARE  

What is Formulated- It is formulated for joint, nerve and muscle pain. 

Fact- Odorless | Non greasy | fast acting | Long-lasting 

Base- Its a cream based pain relief product.

How to Apply- apply generously to the problem areas & rub in completely. 2-3 times per day.

Ingredients- Turmeric, Willow Bark, Ginger, Holy Basil, Rosemary Extract, Alpha lipoic acid, Boswellia extract.

What I like- Good to know that it has turmeric that is the old myths for treatment. It has no scents which is nice for me. No bad odor like other harsh pain relief products. Love the tube,So cute and can carry to my purse anytime (Girly Girly!!) 

What I dislike- Nothing really.

Will I purchase- Not Sure. depends on how handy it is! 

Will I Recommend- If you have rare muscle pain, you can try it.

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They also sent me a T-shirt which is awesome!! Check it out!!

Grab it now and like their pages for awesome giveaway too!! 
Have a wonderful day!! 

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