Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Radius ToothBrush Review

Happy Sunday!! This is the 2nd Sunday of Ramadan that reminds me to shop eid gifts as soon as possible!! Cannot wait for EID!!!     

Anyway today I am gonna review about the "Radius Toothbrushes" which is not an ordinary brushes at all!!

In this Holy month,we barely have time to take care ourselves,specially oral care.I was thrilled to try this brushes for the lack of time( I am so lazy!!!)I believe you have seen this brushes in the store before.The brushes are huge! Totally different from other branded brushes! I have tried almost all kind of brushes like Oral-B, colgate,and many more( couldn't even remember all the names lol).ANd I wasn't satisfied at all until I met The Radius Toothbrushes!! 

The brushes are super soft-extra ordinary! You can get many sizes if you want.We have tried two sizes- medium & soft; which comes in two different color- money & wood. 

Let me show you some of the photos below.. 

Details- This toothbrushes have different kind of shape that is totally affordable for anyone. It utilizes replacement head technology to reduce waste by 93%. The Source has an ergonomic handle made from 50% recycled materials that can be right or left handed.It comes with an extra replacement head brushes,so that you can use it again.(save money & time) They are qruelty free,eco friendly.No harmful BPA inside. The handle is made of bio-plastic. And the awesome thing is ,it is made in USA!!  

My Opinion- Since my childhood ,I have been using different kind of brushes .SOme are too harsh that made me bleed,not so comfortable.But this radius brushes change everything!! The brushes are super soft and comfy.Not harsh at all.The head is very different than other brushes.Huge size,which I really like about it.Handle is comfortable.

Overall, very satisfied from radius.Thank You...

Hubby's Opinion- He likes it too for the super soft brush head.But his complain is about the brush sizes which is huge.(I guess he need the small size then!!)  Overall he likes it.

 Here is a blooper video of him brushing teeth,using the Radius brushes!!  

 Price- $6.95  

Where to Buy-   Amazon, Wholefoods, Target, Vitaminshoppe, BedBath&Beyond  

Purchase- Ofcourse!! In love with it! 

This is the money worth toothbrushes I have ever used!!Let me know your favorite toothbrushes. 

Have a nice day !!


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