Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Take Your First Step To Clear Healthy Skin By Using COOLA ER+ Clear Recovery Foam Wash

Summer is full swing,that means blue skies,lots of sunshines & the return of bad skin days.Are you getting the most out of your Facial Skincare Cleanser?Recently I am so tempting to care about my facial skin as it is the hottest summer season.To get a better skin, there are some few steps to follow.Among them the first cleansing step for healthy looking skin is the "Deep Cleanse" This step will help you to maximize the effectiveness of your cleanse routine.
Recently I have found this awesome products which is a "Clear Recovery Foam Wash" [ Environmental Repair plus]  from COOLA Brand. (I guess you have heard of this company before. They have some amazing products for suncare . )
I know most of the time we really don't have enough time to make our own cleanser;so obviously this one is best for busy women(Or lazy people,like me !!) 
This products clarifies your skin,soothes as well as tones up too! (What a Blast!!)

Wash away the day, or get ready for a new one with this protective foaming face wash that will cool and tone skin, reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of age spots. This gentle, non-drying formula can be used daily on all skin types. 
Soap Berry  
A natural antimicrobial cleanser that reduces age spots and sun damage by inhibiting melanin production.
Willow Bark
A soothing anti-inflammatory that stimulates cell renewal and restores skin.
Organic Lavender Flower
A cooling toner that calms and balances oily or sensitive skin.
Radish Root
An antimicrobial skin protectant derived from kimchi that repairs irritated skin.

Concentrate on the ingredients !!! :D
How To Do The First cleansing Step-
* tied up your hair with a head band 
*remove eye makeup with a makeup remover towel
*Then apply the small amount of the cleanser on the damp face ; gently massage in circular,upward stroke.concentrate where you  need most.
*Better rinse with warm water.
*Gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel 
~~TaADAA that's it.

a blur fotto , using the cleanser!!!
Look! How Foamy it is!


My Opinion-
*a nice root smell
*so fluffy and bouncy 
*Love the pump system
*nice packaging
*Feel so refresh!!!!
*not greasy at all.
*give my skin a clear lock of protection!!
Here comes the clean & Fresh Face 

What Else I Need To Know-
Green Friendly 
Cruelty Free
Recycle Friendly
Price- $24.00 / 1.8 fl. oz.

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Have a nice weeekend!!


Disclaimer: PR Sample.All opinions are my own.

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