Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY || Happy Meal By Plated || Review

Happy Friday everyone!! As you can see by the title , today I am going to review about the FOOD ><><  Dinner <><> ETC; I am sure I'll make you hungry (Just kidding !)
First of all I would like to tell about the New Company Called, " Plated.Com ". Each week , they will select some recipes by featured Chefs.Then you'll decide which one you wanna try. They'll deliver all the ingredients to your home (nice & Safely!!) When you'll receive it, just start cooking... That's how simple it is!
Watch the video for more details -

When I first heard about them, I was so confused because I have no idea how it works/how they'll deliver the box to me.But after getting my first box, I was so delighted by their service and honestly speaking I am in so love with it. The recipes are so easy to cook ( even our 12 years niece can cook it!!) the food ingredients are really fresh that makes you start cooking right after you get it .

I have decided to try out the "Salmon WIth Basil- TomatoeSauce with Couscous" recipes.It comes with  4 servings ingredients.
As you can see, it's a huge box.Wrapped up perfectly.everything inside of the box was perfectly damage-free. Delivery service was super fast. Got it on time.

Here are the ingredients inside of the box-
Recipe details & etc
 The salmon fish was frozen and perfectly wrapped up. I love the packaging.
Fresh & Frozen salmon fish!!
 They wrapped up other ingredients in this green bag, which was nice!
 Other Ingredients for serving -2 

Other ingredients for serving- 4 
 Here are all other ingredients that I have received-

basil leaves- still fresh and smell nice

White pepper for garnish the fish

Tomatoes to make the sauce 


White wine to make the sauce 

Garlic & shallot 

Whole  Wheat Couscous 

All the ingredients are perfectly measured that I don't even need to worry for that. Just mixed and cooked!!
Now I'll show you how I organized and cooked.

*First I cut the wrapped paper and clean the fish with water.

Then dry the fish using a paper napkin.

Then season the salmon with pepper , salt ( I add extra chilli powder & turmeric powder)

Then fried the fish in a pan.

Here is the rest of the ingredients that I am going to cook now.

You also need Extra virgin Olive Oil

& Salt

Now I am going to cook the couscous 

 When the water started to boil, I added salt, oil and then add the couscous. It took 5 minutes to cook.

Cut everything left.
 Then start cooking.

After that I added the cooking white wine  in the sauce

Cooked until it gets a little dry.

So now I am almost complete!!
Serving Time!!
Take two plates serve, add lemon on the fish, then start ,eating..

Here is the short video I have made for you guys. If you have time, please watch and let me know how it was.

Final Thought-
This is not the first time I am cooking, but this time I feel great when I cooked and it was a great experienced which is totally new for me.
It took like half an hour to finish the cooking. Totally time saver.All the ingredients was ready and it was really fun to cook.
I love their delivery service as well.

Honestly, we love the food and we are looking forward to continue the service. 

Here is the referral link if you like to order: CLICK ME 

Let me know which one you wanna try!
Have a nice weekend! 


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