Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Have you guys ever tried a facial cleanser that comes like a soap? Well, I have tried some of the facial bar soap ( like dove/olay/neutrogena/some other brands that my DR. recommended and I forgot the mane!!) in my very youg life & today I am going to review about the "DR WOODS Facial Cleanser Bar soap" .
When I heard about, Dr Woods Raw Black soap,one thing came to my mind that it should be BLACK!  Surprisingly it looks like a simple bar (I am too childish enough to disappointed about the color, lol) But it just worth it ,that how awesome it's work on my skin!!

It has organic shea butter & organic argan oil on it that prevent scar on the face and nourishes the skin as well , leaving the skin smooth and clean!
Well, I am newly big fan of Argan oil and currently trying some of the products that made by argan oil. ( my other review will be coming soon!!) I was really happy that this Raw black bar made by argan oil that allows me to try something new.

Naturally Exfoliates and Moisturizes

Our Raw Black Soap with organic shea butter is an exceptional moisturizing exfoliant that’s effective on all
complexions. Rich in nutrients Vitamins A and E, our Black Soap helps regenerate skin cells and neutralizes free
radicals, restoring your skin’s natural elasticity and preventing premature facial lines.

Dr. Woods proudly supports women’s cooperatives in Africa that process the plantains and harvest the shea nuts
used in our Raw Black Soap with shea butter.

Extra -
All natural
No animal ingredients
No artificial colors
Not tested on animals
pH balanced
No lauryl/laureth sulfates
Paraben and phthalate free

Use it on shower time/any time like a soap.

Size-  It has 3 sizes 8 oz, 32 oz, 16 oz

Made in - USA

Ingredients- Organic Shea Butter & Organic Argan Oil

  • I love the black packaging. So cute!!
  • It's a huge bar,which is nice.
  • Doesn't melted so fast like Dove/olay! 
  • Cleanse so well
  • It has a quote on the soap which is really nice- "All things Good!!"
  • Cleansed all the dirts, oil & makeup 
  • Smell little bit weird;may be for the argan oil.I guess some people might like that.
  • Dried up my face so fast. ( I have very dry to combination skin!!) 
Price- Price may vary in some website.

Availability- Amazon ( or you can find it in other store as well) / Facebook 

Will I Purchase- No.Its just too dry for me.But hubby loves it, may be he's gonna buy it.

Will I Recommend- If you have dry to combination skin then NO!, but if you have oily to regular skin,then YES!

Question For You- Do you like facial bar/you love different cleanser?

Have a nice day! 


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