Sunday, August 18, 2013

Paul & Joe || Autumn 2013 || Liquid Eyeliner || Review

Honestly speaking, every woman must own at least one/two ( many more !!) Liquid liner for the eyes!! They are not only pop up the eyes, but also influence the inner beauty. You can wear it with any makeup looks (i.e. vintage/pin up/modern/ cat eye look)  Though I am not an expert to line my eyes with stick/pen liner;but who doesn't love to try at least!!
 BTW practice makes a man perfect. I guess I'll improve by more practise ( lol)

For this Autumn 2013Paul&Joe made this amazing Liquid Eyeliner, that anyone wanna try a bit. I was super excited to try myself as I love liquid pen eyeliner!

What They said-
Draw your way to a picture perfect fairytale with the new liquid eyeliner from Paul&Joe.Creating an eye popping look has never been so easier than with this brush pen liquid eyeliner that allows you to create an ultra fine lines with impeccable precision. Smooth fit polymers , rich powders & silky emollient ensure that color stays put without fading or running, no matter where your storybooks ending takes you!

 Ingredients & Benefits-
  • Jojoba Oil- emollient
  • Orange Flower Water- Moisturizer
  • Rosemary leaf extract- emollient 
  • White Lily extract- moisturizer, prevent irritation.
Another look-

  • True Black (01)- an ultra pigmented deep black
  • Sepia Brown ( 02)- natural brown 
I chose the True Black. BTW It is made in Japan!!

What I Like- 
  • Love the packaging ( looks like a pen !!)
  • Love the color packaging which is pink!
  • It is really pigmented which is awesome for a liquid liner!
  • Easy to use.I just only need a mirror;that's it.
  • It's a brush liner which is nice to apply for a first trial.
  • Doesn't smudges at all.
  • I am not sure,but it feels waterproof to me! (I just give a try to see if it smudges in water or not!!)
  • No chemically/odor smell!!
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes (which is ++ bonus for me) 
  • fast shipping 
What I Dislike-
  • Nothing at all!!

Will I Purchase- I am definitely!!

Will I Recommend-  YES!! 

Another Look-

 Hope you like the video as well.

Price - $25.00 (0.5 gm)

Availability - Available now at Paul & Joe Counter & also  Online  

Question For You- Have you ever tried any products from Paul&Joe ?What is your favorite Liquid Liner? Let me know!! 

Have a nice weekend everyone!!


  1. When I put on eyeliner, my left and right eyes always end up looking a little different lol. You did a great job! The liner looks fab on you! :)

    ~ Yun

  2. I've actually never heard of this product, but I can tell from your review, I would love it. I too love the packaging, it's very cute. My favorite part is the precision of the brush; I imagine it hard to mess up the line. Love, love, love your video! I have iMovie and don't have a clue how to use it. Besides introducing me to a fab product, you've inspired me to check out iMovie! Thank you!

    1. Oops forgot to say, you did a great job on applying the liner. You look gorgeous, girl! :)

    2. you should give a try!! Thanks for the compliment !!


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