Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Be Fresh On Fall With Natures Gate

Yesterday was super sleepy day for me.i hadn't slept for two days & then it get worse after taking the flu shot !
You know you have to be alert since it's Fall & you never know about runny noses,sneezing trouble, bad odor!! 
Be prepared & stay healthy and it's also important to be fresh & odorless! Well, you can guess what I'll be reviewing today !!

It's the "Nature's Gate deodorant " that get my attention recently! 
It's very important for me to smell nice not only in summer but also in the whole year.Recently after the stillbirth incident with me, my hormones change so rapidly! I sweat a lot & smell obviously bad , that makes me take shower twice a day. 
I wasn't so satisfied with my "Dove deodorant " that I have to switch to the "Nature's Gate deodorant".

I wasn't so sure which one i Would love, so I tried both of it. One is fruit blend & other one is herbal blend. 

fruit blend-
Ingredients: grapefruit+wild ginger 

Herbal blend-
Ingredients: lemongrass & clary sage 

Description -

  • Paraben free
  • No petroleum glycols
  • No aluminum
  • With baking soda & vegetable enzymes to help neutralize odor
  • Gentle effective protection 

Apply literally to clean, dry underarm .

My Opinion-
Honestly I love both of it . I love the smell of lemongrass.it feels so refreshed and mind blowing. On the other hand, the fruit blend one is kind of smell like a soap(mildly -may be for the baking soda, I guess) still I love to use both of it.Though I love roll on deodorant but still I can use it as they smell amazing and works well to prevent bad odor. 
Nothing to complain about them !

Size- 1.7 oz / 48 g

Price- $6.29

Where To Buy-  ClickMe 

Will I Purchase- Yes! May be the floral one next time 

Will I Recommend- yes! 

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Tips Of The Day- 
How to make anti-wrinkle mask? Take 1sp honey + 1sp lemon juice + few drops almond oil- mix it and apply !!! 

Have a nice day!!

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