Monday, September 30, 2013

Mani Monday || Not A Fall Trend Though #1

I know it's fall time & everyone is craving for dark nail polishes which is totally normal. But I am currently feeling different than others. Last week , I went to Walgreens to pickup my medicines.While waiting for pickup, I was rolling my eyes to the nail polish counter & suddenly this Sinful Colors nail Polish took all my attention as I am so crazy for lavender shade polishes. It's almost impossible to find lavender shade in our local stores !! This polishes are super cheap and pretty amazing! I immediately grabbed one as there was only one left!! (Guess my lucky day!!) 

You can't imagine I was so freaking happy to find it. My eBay watch list are almost full with lavender shade polishes! 

I don't care if it's suit for fall trend or not.just wanna to wear this color forever ( lol not really) 
It's so creamy & pastel shade. Dry super fast. As I cook daily/ wash my hands often,so I had to apply the top coat so it lasts longer. Otherwise it's not necessary at all. 
I guess some of you might seen this on my Instagram already ! 

What's your favorite polish from pastel shade? Do you skip the fall trend for your favorite polishes like me? Lemme know 


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