Saturday, September 14, 2013

NYC Glossy Lip Balm || Review

I have been considering to try some new lippies for a little while now. I usually love to choose pinkish to berry colors for everyday use for fall.But most of the lipsticks dried out & cracked my lips.So I'd kept an eye out for something that I can use regularly as lipstick/balm.

These two lippies from NYC are recently caught my eyes! This is my first testing NYC lip balm as I always ignored them on drugstore for no reason !! 
It's cheap , affordable & pretty nice shades.Currently I am loving this apple shape lip balm. You can see the little apple sign on the lipstick,which designed in two different colors .
I have got  two shades to try out-- Apple Blueberry Pie (357) & Apple Plum Pie (359) 
Both of it smell like an apple.The plum one is slightly darker than the blueberry one ( kinda pinkish to plum shades) 

It's a glitter/glossy/frosting type lip balm which I am not a big fan of it for the season of Fall!! 

For my suggestion- if you are having some quality time with your family (or may be alone) than its the best lippy to wear! 

Ingredients -
Trio of Shea Butter, Jojoba and Avocado Oil

Size- 24 g

Price - $2.99 

What I Like- 
  • Smell nice ; like an apple fragrance 
  • Very affordable price 
  • Does moisturize my lips 
  • Travel friendly 
  • Feels smooth after applied 

What I Dislike-
  • Kinda make my lips frosty 
  • Not so pigmented 
  • Very pale on my skin tone
  • Faded away after few minutes later
  • Have to reapply a lot

Will I Purchase-  may be the different shades

Will  I Recommend- Yes (for a regular use) 

Availability- in every drugstore 

Video of swatches --

Tips of the Day- Avoid vomiting by chewing some ginger


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