Saturday, September 7, 2013

This OR That || Beauty Tags ||

Happy Saturday!! Well, Yesterday one of my very sweet friend +Subha Bose  from Candy Crow was tagged me in "This Or That Beauty Tag" which is super fun to do. I love tagging post, to know each other well & be friends forever :)
Thanks Dear, Here you go----

  • Blush/Bronzer-  Blush 

  • Lipgloss/lipstick-  Lipstick (mostly!)

  • Eyeliner/mascara-  Eyeliner ( Sometimes when i am in a                                         hurry ,almost forgot to wear mascara!) 

  • Foundation/concealer-  Foundation

  • Neutral/colored eyeshadow-   colored eyeshadow (mostly)

  • Press/loose eyeshadow-  Both

  • Brush/sponge-  Brush (easy to apply)

  • OPI/China Glaze-  OPI

  • Long/short-  Short

  • Acrylic/Natural-  Natural

  • Bright/dark-  Both

  • Flower/no flower-  Flowers ( or designs/nail arts) 

  • Perfume/Body splash-  Both

  • Lotion/Body butter-  Body Butter( I love butter!!)

  • Body wash/Soap-  Body wash( Nobody has time for soap)

  • Lush/Other-   Soap&Glory, Spa bliss(newly fvt)

  • Jeans/sweat pants-  Jeans

  • Long sleeve/short sleeve-  long / quarter sleeve

  • Dress/skirt-  Dress

  • Stripes/plaids-  plaids

  • Scarves/hats- scarves

  • Studs/dangling earrings-  Both

  • Necklace/Bracelet-  bracelet

  • heels/flats-   flats

  • Cowboy boots/riding boots-  regular boots

  • Forever 21/ Charlotte Russe-/Marshall-   F21, Marshall

  • Curly/straight-   Straight 

  • Bun/Ponytail-  Ponytail 

  • Bobby pins/butterfly clips-  bobby pins

  • Hairspray/gel-  Hairspray

  • Long/short-  Both

  • Dark/Light-  Light

  • Side swept bangs/ full bangs-   Side swept bangs

  • Up/Down-  Loose

  • Rain/ Shine-  Rain
  • Summer/ winter-  Winter
  • Fall/Spring-  Both
  • Chocolate/Vanilla-  Chocolate(dark is better)

I am Tagging- 

And please feel free to tag yourself too whoever reading this post!! yes, I am tagging you too :D

Have a nice weekend!

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