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Fall Must Have || Shower Time

Fall Must Have || Shower

My shower time routine change by season.I can't keep the same routine over the year just because I have combination to super dry skin. These are the products I use it for fall time.Most of them are my newly favorite!
1. Jadience stress relief Soak bath ($19)- Recently got to try this & loved it so much;Probably you may not know,I was super depressed after losing my first baby,but this soak bath actually relieve my stress a lot and relax  my entire body. I use it twice a month which helps stimulate the body as well as the soul. This Jadience soak bath made with herbal ingredients which is also good for your skin too. It has an aromatic-herbal scents that soothe your body & mind. 

2.Nunaat Brazilian Keratin Hair Mask ($5.99) - A hair mask is must for fall.You can check out my previous post HERE

3.GingerChi Sugar Scrub ($18)- well, if you love herbal scents,  then you must need to try this Gingerchi sugar scrub. I am not gonna say it's delicious but it is actually relaxed your mind and body & helps to exfoliate properly.It's an eco-friendly products.Paraben Free.This sweet scrub contains their signature essence of three essential oils as well as beautiful spicy, warm, and citrusy ginger powder. This is the perfect scrub for energizing your body and stimulating your senses.

4.L'oreal Youth Code Foaming Wash ($6.23)- Last year I got the sample from l'oreal and loved it so much that I repurchase it again! It's very gentle on my skin and smell amazing!

5.Diaso Japan Blackheads PeelOff Mask ($5.00)- this is my one of the fvt peel off mask ever.I found it on ebay.It does remove most of the blackheads,whiteheads,dirts from your skin! And it's fun to use as well. Though it makes the skin kinda dry,so you must need to use a moisturizer after removing the mask.Trust me you'll love this mask.

6.Almond Shower Oil ($48)- This is my another newly favorite item for fall.This shower oil is really good for my dry skin.Definitely recommend it to everyone who have dry skin like me. A little goes a long way and even though it is an oil, it doesn't leave an oily residue anywhere plus it actually has a wonderful lather.Smell amazing too!

7.Lemon Sage Foot Scrub ($3.79)- For the extra care of your foot you must need a good scrub that remove dirts,dead cell & gives a baby foot as well as relaxed your mind. I have previously reviewed it HERE

8.Organic Muslin face Cloth ($12)- Love  this organic face cloth from GingerChi again. It helps to exfoliate properly which is must for the skin.

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SO that's all I use for Fall to have a relaxing bath. Let me know your favorite products for Fall-shower time.
Have a nice & wonderful Weekend!!

*some of the items are Press Sample 

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