Tuesday, October 22, 2013


My Cartoon Face! 

Currently I am loving red lip color a lot. Today's lip color is from BA STAR , a brand that mainly create awesome cosmetics for cheerleaders, dancers, performers and etc.But it doesn't mean that you can't wear them!!

They have awesome collection of high-end and great pigmented cosmetics.This is my 2nd time trying their products again. You can check out the previous post HERE 
Anyway,this red lip pencil is called- "Red Holiday".It is so pigmented that gives the perfect red lips that anyone desire.It has also very creamy texture that allows me to apply evenly.I used a brush first to draw the outline of my lips and then fill it up directly from the pencil.
skip my weird face :p
You know that I have serious dry to combination skin & my lips all the time cracked like crazy! I was at first thought it won't good on me or might be flake away.But this pencil surprised me a lot because after applying it , my lips feel hydrates ,soft & moisturised!! It is also a long lasting lip pencil which is one of the most concern.I was wearing it for eight hours and the color was still looks bright and nice.In that mean time you know,i ate,drank,talked,laughed,kissed(lol)
I can wear it without full makeup too! Just a red bold lips!

One more thing which is totally optional-->You can also use them as a BLUSH too!! I know it's crazy but sometimes you might be in a hurry and forget about blush; then just apply a little amount of this pencil and rub it on your cheek & then you'll get the perfect rosy Blush.. How coool,isn't it?
applying as a BLUSH!! (Crazy!!)

What It Is-  A Chubby lip pencil from BA STAR

Shade/Color- Red Holiday

Price- $8.75

Key Ingredients-  Isopolybutene, Castor Oil, Ozokenite, Carnuaba, Candellina Wax, Beeswax, Petrolium, Buty Stearate, Cetyk Ricinoleate, Vitamin E, Precpylparaben, Metabylparaben, BHT, Macadamia Nut Oil, Octyl Palmiate
May Contain: Iron Oxides, Ti02,D&C Red 27 D&C Red 30 D&C Red 28
photo-horing !


  • Creamy Texture
  • Hydrates,moisturized the lips
  • Give full coverage
  • Very bright & pigmented 
  • Works as a blush too!
  • Long lasting !! (my main concern!!)
  • Easy to carry.
  • Light smell
  • Easy to blend
  • Doesn't flake/ cracked my lips
  • cheap


  • Have to use sharpener :(
  • only available online!!  :(

Will I Purchase-  Yes! i am loving it

WIll I Recommend-  Yes! ( Thanks me later!)

Availability-   BA STAR

Get some Discount- 50% Off code- BBLIPS

What's your current favorite lipstick? DO you love red lipstick ?


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