Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nature Republic Haul

Finally I found Nature Republic store in NY!!! I always looking for their products online/ebay. But when i heard that they are in NY,I was  super excited!! I am currently so loving Korean cosmetics/skincare products a lot.Some of them are really expensive and some are super cheap. Previously I have tried some of their skincare products & samples that makes my favorite one.
Their store is now in Flushing, NY. (downtown)  Usually,we only go to Flushing for Fish Shopping (lol) You'll get Fresh live Fish over there! (yummm!) Sometimes do some fruit shopping too. Other than that, we barely visit there.Honestly, we avoid to go there because of the stinky smell.(Don't mind please!) 
I wonder what else I'll find there!! Anyway, let me show you some photos first-
outside the store

love their store

The girls on the floor was really nice.Asking me if I need any help.One was helping me get the foot peeling mask too! But the lady (i guess the manager was really rude; Didn't even greet at all)and making a rude face (WTF!!)
picking continue with a smile !

mission completed !

Well, that's all hubby took photos from there.
A cheap paper bag! I was expecting some good qualities though! 

Sneak-peak of the items inside the bag!

I have bought total 12 items from the store. I didn't get any discount! Nothing was on sale! Though the lady give me some tiny samples after asking!! 
Here are the whole details- 
  1. Bulgarian Rose Moisture Cream - $11.90
  2. Cotton Pad------------------------------$1.40
  3. Hawaiian Fresh Acne Cleanser---- $10.90
  4. Hawaiian Fresh Clay Mask--------- $13.60
  5. Natural Blueberry Mask------------- $8.40 [Review Here]
  6. Two Peeling Foot Mask--------------- $11.40 (each $5.70)
  7. Nail Polish Girls pink------------------ $1.40 [Review Here]
  8. Nail Polish Jasmine--------------------- $1.40 [Review HERE]
  9. Nail Polish peach Rose----------------- $1.40 [Review Here]
  10. Garden Royal Jelly Mask-------------- $2.10
  11. Garden recipe carrot wash off mask- $2.10 [Review Here]
Total - $71.86 (with tax!)
Samples- few cream sample and a mask

Some I picked and some of them picked by my hubby.I love mask,I'll review all of it soon! We both are excited for the peeling foot mask.I don't like rosy smell,but it reminds me my mommy(she loves rosy products!!),that's why bought it.Have you tried any of it?
Overall,I am happy with my purchase.I wish I could get some discounts/points!! 

Have a nice weekend!

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