Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sample Saturday || Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

Currently I am so obsessed with eye creams.I don't have that much problem but I do have tired/puffy eyes which needs treatment.I am too lazy to use an eye creams sometimes. But I should take sufficient care for my eyes(getting old is another issue to concentrate on eye creams!!) 
So, this eye cream is from +Origins . they have the luxurious collection of great products;which is not possible to buy sometimes unless few of it attracts me anyway!

It's a Ginzing refreshing eye cream that suppose to refresh, depuff,brighten & remove dark circle instantly! 

As I have mention above I really don't have any problems like that but i was really wanna give a try as it has Ginseng ingredients!!I have been using this cream for three weeks & seriously (holy mother!) I do love it.I don't know if it's remove dark circle or not as I don't have that problem. But it does firm and brighten up the eye area, and soothe my puffy eyes in the morning which was my biggest issue.And when I use it before applying makeup, i feel like my skin breathe a lot, I mean it's also hydrate my eye area without making any greasy or stickiness. It absorbs so well that I dont even worried to apply again.A little goes a long way. I feel so refreshed and cool after apply the cream.

What It Is- This is an eye cream to refresh,brighten & de-puff the area around your eyes.

What It Does- Brighten eyes,reduction of puffiness, instantly reduce dark circle.Unsightly bags,puffiness disappears, restore radiance to tired eyes.

Key Ingredients- 
Caffeine, Ginseng root extract, Hesperidin & coleus barbatus (reduce puffiness), magnolia bark & apple, cucumber extracts(reduce dark circle), Mica(reflects light),shea butter & trehalose ( moisture) 
NO- Parabens, synthetics fragrance or dyes. (Thank Goodness!!)

What I Like-
  • Very refreshing & soothing
  • Brightens my eyes
  • Moisturize and hydrates the eye area
  • Reduce my puffiness a lot.
  • Smell nice 
  • Little goes a long way
  • cute packaging

What I Dislike- 

  • Too expensive 
  • full size is in  very small container !!

Will I Purchase-  Yes!

WillI Recommend- Yes! You'll love it .

Price- $30 (0.5 oz/ 15 ml) 

Availability- Sephora/ Origins store

What's you favorite eye cream? Any recommendation? Have you entered in my giveaway yet?

Have a nice weekend!

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