Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sample Saturday || Tea Time Vine

Hello everyone! How's your Saturday night going on? Well, tonight I have something different to review on my Sample Saturday post.

I am testing these Truvia Sweetener & Twinings Green Tea tonight.It's really cold & windy outside and I feel like to drink some tea!! I am not a regular Tea-drinker but I do sometimes drink it but it's totally depend on weather. 

Twinings Green Tea
100% natural ingredients.Pure green tea with a fresh taste,smooth flavor and enticing aroma. 
Check out the website to learn more- 
Made in England 

My Thought- 
It smell and tastes weird.Though after sipping the tea,it freshen up my mind and boost the metabolism. I am definitely would love to do some DIY with the green tea :D

Truvia Sweetener- 
Nature's calorie-free sweetener. 
You can find it any local store/warehouse 

My Thought-
My Parents have diabetes;so they regularly use sweetener.I am not in a diet/Don't have diabetes.That's why I don't use sweetener at all. But after trying this one,I do like it and it does sweet a lot. I recommend this whoever love sweetener! 

Here is a little Vine For You. 

Have a nice Weekend! 

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