Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Empties 2013

well, I barely did an empty posts on my blog;just because it's hard for me to finish any products. I have been reading so many empties recently & I feel like I should do write about my empties as well!
Here are a very few empties from September, along with some thoughts about each products.

SoftSoap Moisturizing Body Wash-
After coming back from my country in May, Influenster surprized me with the prize that I have won before.This body wash was one of the prize.It's a berry fusion citrus blast.I really like the fruity- citrus smell of  it.Though it's dry me out.So I was happy to finish it at last.But I am thinking to try out the coconut one from this collection.

Colgate Optic-White Toothpaste-
I have been using colgate since I was a kid! My family always bought colgate which I hated a lot. I wasn't so happy to get it through Influenster on my prize pack! This toothpaste didn't clean out at all. Instead of cleaning it burnt my gum a lot. I do not  recommend anyone to try this out!!

Brownie Brittle Chips-
Though toffee one is my favorite one; just finished the caramel one. It was ok to try out. Check out the mini review HERE

Staple Note-pad --
I don't know about other people, but I do always keep notes/write everything on my mini staple pads. Bought the bundle of it. And there is always sale on staples; so its good for me to grab all of it.

Pure Matters Biotin-
Recently finished my biotin capsules.I dont know why it didn't do any change on me.It's actually worsen my skin/nails. I am thinking to try something else.

Bath& Body Works Stress relief Body Wash-
I love this stress relief aromatherapy body wash from BBW so much. I am thinking to buy the full size later when they'll have sale.

AO Lens Cleaner-
Me & hubby  both wear glasses all the time.So a cleaner is must for us.Feeling sad after finishing this lil cleaner.We got this from our last visit to our country.

Afrin 12 Hour Pump Mist-
Got it from Bzzagent. Hubby loved it. Check out the review HERE

Tri-calm --
Got this samples last month, it didn't work for me. I had a itching problem ,so applied it and it didn't do anything at all!! I am not going to buy this one. Sorry!

Merlot Night Cream-
Love this lil samples of the Merlot Night Cream. I have also tried their other products too. Check out HERE

Nivea Cream-
I remember in February , I picked this lil Nivea Cream from CVS after suffering from chronic attack of dryness. This cream is so thick and best for super dry area. I need to repurchase again! It's a life-saver for me!

NYX Frosted Red Lip Gloss-
I got this last year.Finally it's time to toss it. Check out the review HERE

Color Fever 24K Nail Polish-
Look what surprise me?This one was my favorite gold glitter polish.Had no idea how it turned into orange!!!! (lol) Crazy, time to toss it too!!Check out the actual color of it HERE

Merlot Foot Cream-
Just finished this foot cream.It's Best to use in summer.Check out the review HERE

Almas Mehedi (Henna)-
I love to wear Henna a lot. Got this one on my brother's wedding. It wasn't so good. I am looking forward to buy some good henna cone. any recommendation?

Oscar Blendi Dry Shampoo-
I can't believe I just finished my fvt dry shampoo!! Got it from Birchbox.Check out  HERE

That's all i just finished in September. WOuld love to know yours. Comment below your links..

Have a nice weekend!!

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