Sunday, October 13, 2013

SunShine Award!! Thanks For The Tag!!

I have been nominated of Sunshine award twice time by these two gorgeous ladies +Leigh-Ann Grupp  & +Shalunya TheChronicBeauty   Thanks so much.
There are a few simple rules for the Sunshine Award:

1. Include Award Logo in or on your blog post
2. Link to the person who nominated you
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself
4. Nominate other bloggers to give this award

Here are my answers that they asked-

From +Leigh-Ann Grupp  :
1.What's your favt makeup brand?
Ans- benefit, youngblood, stilla, SG Cosmetics, Eyeofhorus, eclos,bobbi brown, lancome, nars, smashbox . revlon, loreal, wnw , jordana, and so many, i cant even remember all of it  right now.

2.How old were you when you started to makeup?
Ans- I was 19. Before that I only use chapstick (lol)

3.What's your fvt movie?

4.Who the person inspire me?
Ans- My parents, hubby

5.Favorite season?
Ans- Winter, fall, spring .

6.What item in your purse do you reach for the most?
Ans- Mini Mirror
7.Which would you prefer icecream/fruit?
Ans- Iceceam please 

8.what color nail polish do you have on right now?
Ans- Sally hansen magnetic nail polish

9.What's your fvt song right now?
Ans- titli by chennaiexpress

and also this one

10. What are your fvt blogger as of now?
Ans- Keiko Lynn  ; though I love all of your blog and try my best to comment each of the posts ! 

And here's from +Shalunya TheChronicBeauty

1. Tell us about your blog in one paragraph.  
Briefly ABout my blog-  well, i mostly write about beauty stuff, health, sometimes food, sometimes my comes randomly.

2.  What is your most favorite and least favorite thing about blogging? 
Most favorite thing is getting comments from fellow bloggers/friends. Least is when i have too much pressure to do/write a post.

3. You're having a fabulous dinner party. Which three celebrities would invite and why? 
- well, I am not interested to invite / join with celebrity rather than have awesome dinner party with friends and family.

4. You are giving a motivational speech to a captive audience of thousands. What are you speaking about? 
It depends on the topics.

5.Random things about me- *most of the time people think that i am 13!! but actually i am 23 years old!!  *I love painting .  *I hate spider!!!

6.  For one month, your blog can only be read by men. Give us a small sampling of what you'd write.   (Hell No)probably write about politics

7.  Show us a silly or quirky picture of you from when you are younger. 
Well i don't have any silly pics but I find this one- me and my elder brother posing, I used to love tshirt & sunglass a lot. I am the smallest one here :D
me- right one
8. Does your immediate family and your close friends know that you blog? Do they read your blog?
   They knows; but they don't read my blog.I don't even push them to read

9.  Generations after you've passed your grandchildren discover your blog. What lessons could they learn from your blog?
HAHA. They would know that i am a makeupholic and write silly stuff !! :p

10. Five years from now, are you still blogging? Is your content still the same? What goals have you achieved?
Perhaps...yes !! i have learned so many things through blogging. And I do appreciate that I find it !!

Thanks for the tag. It was fun to join with you guys. 

I am tagging everyone who would love to join this Sunshine award!!

thanks for reading. 

have a nice weekend!

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