Saturday, October 26, 2013

Update- My Eid Outfit AND BLAH BLAH

Eid Outfit

A late post about my Eid outfit and makeover which is similar to this set that i made :D 
Well, I know i am not skinny like her (my post pregnancy fat!!) ;but I do love the dress that mom made for me.
The necklace gifted by Hubby & OMG! i am in super love with the Michael Kors Clutch !! 

Look at my new baby !! It's in metallic shade which is super cute. I don't think so it's available in the store anymore.You can check any other shop then.

and here is my me-too Shoe (that's my Australian Shoe size!!)  

And that's my sister-in-law wearing navy blue dress! (AHH! my Barefoot!!)

Here is another pics with my new Cutypie Niece- Nazia !! (she is now 3 weeks old!!)

I wore my new Soap&Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss (Review HERE)

Here are some blur makeup look (lol) a little bit of winged liner and nude face .

And of course we have to do our (Henna) Mehendi ; well, i am not so good at it though!

And lastly my morning mosque outfit ( i should post this 1st,lmao)

OOPS! and a little Ice Cream Treat by Hubby! 

Hope you like it. 
Have a nice weekend!

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