Thursday, November 7, 2013

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor | Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series | Review

Do you check your blood pressure regularly? What type of machine do you prefer for the check up at home on a daily basis? 

For us, we always looking for something that is very handy/ easy to use/ travel friendly/time saver and so on. 
Above all the demands & conditions we found this cute Ozeri Cardio Tech monitor! It is very portable,give accurate(almost) details, easy to use. Surprisingly it has voice guided feature!!! How cool it is!!! ( also comes with 5 years warranty)  

Inside of the plastic black box, you'll find the cute little monitor.There is a catalogue for you;so that you can easily set up the monitor before use it. 

You have to put the monitor on you wrist, The voice guide will tell you if it's in perfect angle or not. 
Check out the video below,where we'll show you how it works) 

I have compared with my other pressure monitors too to see how accurate it measured.The result came out quite similar.(little higher than the regular one!) :/
Overall, It's cute (I adore cute stuff!) , portable, and does measure your pressure immediately! :D
So, I will definitely recommend to anyone to carry this cute little monitor on your purse, house or even in the car! You never know when you need it!
measuring my pressure !! :D


  • Does measure the pressure nicely
  • Easy to use
  • Love the voice guided feature (which surprise me a lot!) 
  • Portable
  • records the measurement 
  • Display all the details 
  •  Intelligent Hypertension Indicator.


  • You need batteries to use it :( 
My pressure is always normal (haha) see, it indicates the green safe zone on the left of the monitor !

Will I Purchase-  I already have it;so NO 

Will I Recommend-  Yes! Absolutely 

Availability & Price - Amazon 

Be safe & stay healthy. and Don't forget to check your blood pressure regularly. :D 

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