Monday, November 4, 2013

Mani Monday # 5 | OmbreNails

Happy Monday everyone! 
Just wanna to share with you guys that finally I switched to Ipsy (Yeah! No more on waiting List!!) :D  I can't wait to get my 1st bag this month!! :D 
Anyway, today I have ombre nails for my Mani Monday.I actually wore it on yesterday;but you know I would definitely share it on this post :D

If you guys read my previous post about "Rose VoxBox", you probably seen the "Kiss Gradation Nail Polish Kit" on the box.
At first, I wasn't so excited to see it,but after applied the polishes, I was super impressed with the result.Besides this, I also learned how to do "Ombre Nails" by myself!! :D 

To get this Ombre nails, all I had to do is just follow the 3 steps and BOOMA it's done. Trust me, it's super easy.Though I like it, but it's super slow to dry.I mean it took time to dried up properly.And the glitter one's texture is so thick- kinda make it messy, But still I love the after result which is super cute. Make sure to wear some cute rings to show off the Ombre nails at the end :D
Overall, I like it and decided to keep it for me :D  


  • Perfect Ombre designs! 
  • easy to apply.
  • Long lasting 
  • very dramatic
  • Very shiny and glossy
  • Packaging is okay.
  • Affordable price


  • Texture is very thick ( the glitter polish one!) 
  • Dried very slowly.
  • The brush is quite cheap !

Will I Purchase-   Maybe! 

Will I Recommend-   If you love ombre nails, then you can give a try. 

Price- $6.99

Availability- Any local store 

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