Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Empties 2013

Welcome to my October Empty Post!! :D 
Don't worry, it's not a long post.I only finished few items last month.SO keep rolling :D

Last month I was running out of hand wash;so immediately grabbed this Deep Fresh hand wash from the Indian grocery store.ANd that was my bad decision to pick up anything from there. It's the horrible hand wash I have ever tried. Doesn't clean my hands and also not foamy.. Just awful.. I'll never ever pick up any hand wash from the grocery store,I promise!!!! 

I think I bought this Nair Hair Removal Lotion 3 months ago. I barely used it.Time to toss old stuff :D I don't think am gonna repurchase it again. 

I was expected a lot on this Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner but it's just work like other conditioner.Doesn't do any miracle on my hair.So,Do not repurchase :/ 

Honestly speaking I don't think it's necessary to use individual tongue cleaner at all.Just a brush is enough to clean all the dirts. So , I'll not repurchase this Orabrush again..But if you have extreme bad breath issue, you can try this one :D 
Check out the REVIEW HERE 

This Clean&Clear blackhead Cleansing mask is good for oily skin I guess. That's why it didn't do anything on my skin. Hubby used it before but now he switched to proactiv for acne issue.So again will not repurchase it.

Here comes the BB Cream by Maybelline. It was nice trying. My niece loved it.Currently I am using CC Cream; so may be I'll repurchase it later.

Aquafresh toothbrush is the common in our bathroom cabinet.We always stock it every time we shop. Definitely gonna repurchase if we are running out. 

Finally finished some samples too.I loved this Barefoot Lemon foot scrub. Check out the REVIEW HERE. It's on my wish list now.
I loved that Kirkland facial wipes. REVIEW will be coming soon. 
Again I have finished this Tricalm lotion. Do not repurchase it again. 
Love this Hydrating Goji Berry Mask. Check out the REVIEW HERE . Yes,will repurchase!! 

I love this Sugar free Arizona Green Tea a lot.Already finished 4 bottles. 

Finally I finished the Honey Nut Cheerios (woohoo) love this honey tested cereal a lot recently. Probably gonna repurchase ..

Okay a gross photo here. Tossing my favorite hydro silk razor. I need some refills too! 

Last but not the least, My henna cones- I already stock some henna before I finished it. I am thinking to buy some more online. Any suggestion? 

So, that's all I have finished so far. Feel free to link yours on the comment box. I would love to read. 
Until then, Have a nice weekend! 

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