Friday, November 8, 2013

October Favorites 2013

A late post on Friday!! Here are some random items I loved last month and some of the items am still using it :D Well, I hope you guys like it.

Ocotober Favorites

  1. Light Mirror- Last month, I bought this Light mirror from Costco which costs only $15.00 !! It's a dual mirror.Love it so much.
  2. GingerChi Muslin Cloths- Trust me, You'll love it.It Cleanse my face so well that I don't need to worry for. Removes all the makeup,dirts evenly. I use it thrice a week, because it exfoliate a lot which is sometimes make my skin dry.You can find them HERE 
  3. Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice- This juice is my favorite one last month.I love the taste so much. Sweet & yummy! 
  4. Nature Made Folic Acid- I am currently trying to conceive again.I don't want any kinda birth defect anymore. So this  is a great medicine for me to prevent it.Also, I feel like it helps to prevent hair loss problem too! (proved!!)
  5. EOS Lip Balm- yummmmy! This lip balm hydrates and moisturizes my lips a lot. Highly recommend this .
  6. Notepad- Notepads are my best friends. I always keep it with me.You can find it on my purse,besides my bed and everywhere. You never know when you need it(specially when you are a blogger!) 
  7. Mirror Phone Case- I loved it so much. 
  8. Bobby Pin- I know everyone loves it but I adore it :D
  9. BA Star Lipstick- This is one of the best red lipstick I have ever used! Check out the review HERE 
  10. Sinful Lavender Nail Polish- This is my newly favorite nail polish.The color makes me so happy!!! Here is the REVIEW 
That's all I loved last month. Did you try any of the products? 


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