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Sample Saturday || CV Skinlabs || Beauty AND Safety Without Compromise

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.We didn't celebrate Halloween; although I love those candies :D  (which I bought it myself HUH!!) 
Well, today's post is going to be a little different;because instead of one, I have three samples to share with you guys. And I believe you'll love it.

When it comes to skincare, I always check the ingredients first.Of Course I prefer natural, eco friendly products that has high demand to us.This CV Skinlabs company have some amazing products that is 100% free of potentially harmful chemicals,made with natural ingredients as well as safe for the skin!

Please do visit their website to learn more about their company. I am sure you'll be impressed like me!Linked below.
I got three samples to try out. 

  • Body Repair Lotion
  • Calming Moisture For Face, Neck & Scalp
  • Restorative Skin Balm

Let's talk about the packaging first.The samples came in a little cute pouch.I was surprise to see the deluxe sample size of the moisturizer in a tube. The balm also comes in a tube but mini size.I just don't like the lotion sample that comes in a paper packaged.You know you can't use it often when it comes in a paper! Otherwise I love their full size packaging too.You can check out on their website.I linked below.

Let's talk about each products- 
I love this Calming mOisturizer a lot.It's basically for face,neck & scalp(who have bald head) The formula is very luminizing like a liquid lotion. This is for extreme dry/sensitive/irritated skin.Best for winter season.It has a light turmeric smell on it  which is totally normal for me.After absorb it on the skin,you'll not gonna get any smell though.After applying it on my skin,it absorbed quickly and calm my skin so well.I feel moisturized and hydrates.It askes my skin really soft and soothed.Love that it comes in a tubewhich I can easily carry on my purse or even in my car.Though it doesn't contain any suncreen.So you must wear suncreen before going under the sun.

The Body Repair Lotion is also amazing products for me.This is a must have lotion who have dry/icthy/sensative skin.It makes my skin soft and smoothes all day long.I have tried this after shaved my legs,and it does reduce the redness as well as soothed the irritated area too!! 

Lastly the Restorative Skin Balm.This is the only products from them that has 100% natural ingredients.It's a non-petroleum balm!! Best for extreme dry area.I used it on my cuticles.It does soften the cracked areas and moisturized well. 

About the Product-
CV Skinlabs is the ultimate solution to skin revival. It is a natural & organic collection of luxuriously soothing & clinically proven formulas that nurture and repair skin. Each product delivers outstanding beauty benefits with an unprecedented new standard of safety.

For women, men and children with sensitive skin, eczema, dullness, redness, chronic dryness, irritation and more. Also ideal to soothe the damaged effects of cosmetic laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, sun exposure, waxing, shaving and every day wear and tear. Perfect for allergic and reactive skin types.

- Natural & Organic
- Clinically Proven
- Hypoallergenic
- Doctor Recommended
- Not tested on animals
- Made in USA
- Infused with Tri-Rescue Complex: Tumeric, Reishi 
Mushrooms & Bisabolol
- Restores Radiance
- Bio-Compatible ingredients to work with skin
- 100% free of potentially harmful chemicals
- Luxuriously rich formulas
- Ideal for all types of sensitive skin

Key Ingredients-
Turmeric, Chamomile extracts, mushroom, aloe vera etc. (please do visit their website for full ingredients HERE


  • Heal the dry area
  • Reduce Redness on the skin
  • Soften/soothes the dry/irritated skin
  • Moisturized all day long
  • Non- sticky, non- greasy
  • Smell Nice (herbal but very light!)
  • Lovely packaging
  • Best for dry/sensitive skin


  • Quite Expensive (though it's worth it)

Will I Purchase- Probably! (I am not sure if I would buy the balm, but sure would buy the lotion and moisturizer)

Will I Recommend- Yes! ( If you have dry/sensitive skin, then must try these) 

RAtings- 4.9/5 (-0.1 for the price ) :( 

Price-   Body Repair Lotion: $36  
                                   Calming Moisture For Face, Neck & Scalp: $49
           Restorative Skin Balm: $26 

Availability-  CVSkinlabs 

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Let me know if you have tried these products before. 
Have a nice weekend! 

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