Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crown Brush HD Set With Mirror AND Tweezer

Can you believe it's almost the last month of this year? I must admit that this year was the craziest year of my life;kinda made me sad but learnt lots of things!! (sigh..!) 
Anyway, guess what? I got my first crown brush set to try out & it's not an ordinary brush at all.I still wonder why it's called "HD"!!! It comes with a pretty orange case with a HUGE mirror, tweezer and 6 piece of brushes. 

What type of brushes in the case- 

  • Pro Powder brush
  • Tapered Blush Brush
  • Deluxe Contour Brush
  • Chisel Shadow Brush
  • Crease Blender Brush
  • Detail Liner Brush

These brushes are perfect for applying High Definition cosmetics,liquids,creams and powders. Available in three colors- Purple, orange, white/blue . They are also VEGAN FREE!! Made with high grade synthetic fiber. 

Price-  $69.99 $27.95

Deal- Get 20% off use code- iFabboHD (expire-12/31/2013)

Availability- Crown Brush 

Let me show you some photos below- 

My Opinion- Well, I like these brushes but they are not best like eco tools brushes( which is my favorite one) Because of the synthetic fiber feels kinda plastic. But I do love the shape of it. And it's best to carry while you are travelling.And you can get it in a affordable  price.I think I'll keep using these brushes.I'll keep updating about the brushes on instagram / twitter.  
I hope you have a great Holiday! 


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