Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Mini Haul

Hello everyone!! 
Almost the end of the month year!!! Well, we did some shopping recently.
Here are the details-

Towel | Lindt Chocolate | Mango+Passion fruit Sugar Scrub | The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel 

Hubby need a new towel;so we bought this for him.It is so soft and cute! 
This is our favorite chocolate from Lindt;It was on sale!
I almost finished my fvt sugar scrub;so bought this one.I'll reviewing it soon! 
When i saw the body shop strawberry shower gel, I immediately grab it. it's a huge size and was on sale for $5.00 !! Can you believe that!!

Okay I am kinda obsessed with Jasmine Flower scent. I found this Pacifica Body wash which is so yummmy to smell. 

Hubby bought this light for me.(online!!) It's a nice light and am still learning how to use it properly!

EEk! These bikinis comes with the cute bag that I couldn't resist to buy it!! Each bag contain 6 bikini.100% cotton and cute <3 

Did some more clothes shopping.I am in love with the umpha-loompha socks.So fluffy <3 
A new leggings is must to buy.

Hauling &lt;3

And Lastly, who doesn't love some chocolate Holiday treat? It's a Belgian Chocolate Biscuit by Crepes.We bought this from Costco.So yummy!!

SO that's all my mini shopping in December. I can't wait for NEw Year!! 

Stay Healthy & Safe!!

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