Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mani Monday #10 | Essie Dupe !!!

Oh MyMy!! Did I just said Essie Dupe?!!! As you guys probably seen my December ipsy bag, I have received this gorgeous neutral shade Nail polish from Nicka K. Of course it's a full size. I absolutely love the packaging! I am so curious to try out the other shade from the brand! I have never heard about this brand , until I got this from Ipsy!! 

I am a huge fan of neutral polish , though my skin tone is quite dark to match with this polishes.When I got this polish, one thing comes to my mind that I might have similar color polish.Then I checked and find my Essie polish (mink muff!) which I have reviewed HERE 
The awesome thing is , My nicka K Nail Polish is better than the Essie Polish!! WHY? - 
  • Nicka is cheaper than the Essie polish  ( Nicka- $4.99 & Essie- $8.50)
  • Nicka is nicely pigmented.And Essie is too pale;have to reapply to get the exact color

So , I hope you like my Manicure. It wasn't so perfect.I add some glitter on the top of the polish to give the Holiday look.Here are some more swatches. 

Have a Great Holiday !!

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