Monday, December 9, 2013

Mani Monday #8

Happy Monday everyone! This is my first Mani Monday post in December. Last week, I didn't post Mani Monday  as I was feeling so pale.And if you are Muslim, you know it's mostly difficult to wear nail polish koz you have to Pray! Anyway, this month I'll try my best to continue my Monday Post.

December means Holiday & Holiday means glamorous shiny sparkly nail art. I am not an expert to do nail design but I try some easy way to make it better. Obviously I have short nails (as you can see!) so it's impossible to make a nice art. (lol)

I love Gold/silver/bronze/metallic shade for Holiday Nail.You can mix and match with the boring shade and make your Glam Nail art.

Today I have used two nail polishes-

  • Essie Nail Polish- Mink Muffs
  • Revlon Metallic Polish- Gold Coin (925)

This Revlon Metallic Polish sent by one of my school friend. She also sent me some more revlon polishes. But for the holiday, I love this one most.Yesterday I was looking for the light brownish shade and I found this essie polsih from my drawer.It wasn't look good on my nails , so I add the revlon one to make it better. I use scotch tape for the design. Too bad it wasn't perfect. :(  I think I need to buy some nail design tape.

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