Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mini Black Friday Haul | Freemanbeauty

It's been like a month since I have decided to shop less.I used to buy unnecessary stuff a  lot but time changed and I feel like I should spend less until I really need something. You know in Black Friday, people shop like crazy, but honestly I love to read and see all of their haul post.

I didn't shop much on Black Friday until I saw the Freemanbeauty Deal. I was thinking to buy some skin and foot care products from them  before and when I saw the 50% off deal I thought this is the right time to save some extra money!
You guys might have seen my previous post about their products which are my favorite.I tried some of their samples and put that on my wish list.Some of the items I repurchase after loving them a lot.

I bought-

  1. Barefoot repair Overnight Foot Cream (2)  [Repurchase]
  2. Goji berry facial Hydration Mask (1)           [Repurchase]
  3. Golden Grain Facial Brighten Mask (1) 
  4. Chocolate & Strawberry Clay Mask (1) 
  5. Bare foot Peppermint+ Plum Heel Balm (2)   [Repurchase] 
  6. Acai Facial  Clay Mask - FREE (travel size) 

Total bought 8 items. Spent $26.77  Though some of the items weren't on sale. Among them our most favorite are- Overnight repair foot cream which is why bought two!! and Goji berry Mask which I have previously reviewed HERE

I am so curious to try out the brightening mask and the chocolate clay mask.I'll post the review soon. 

Have you tried any of these items? Which one is your favorite? Don't forget to share your Black Friday Haul (I know it's probably huge!!)

Happy Holiday!!

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