Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mini Holiday Favorites #1

Holiday Favorites

Holiday Favorites 

Happy Holiday everyone!!These are my current Holiday favorites products along with the yummy Donuts and candy..

  1. Infinity Scarf- Recently bought the scarf and i am loving it so much. Easy fizzy to use.
  2. Loving this rhinestone bracelet from F21 
  3. I love the steamcream moisturizer! They are super cute and best for the gifts as well.Review is HERE 
  4. I got the NYX Lipstick from my Ipsy December bag.It is super creamy and affordable.I think i'll definitly gonna try some other color as well.
  5. One of my friend gifted me this Revlon Gold coin Nail Polish last year. Still love it so much.
  6. This Holiday Palette from StudioGear Cosmetics is the best for winter season/party/any occasion.I have participated on their Facebook contest too for the palette. Please do vote for me: Just like the photo HERE I'll really appreciate that!
  7. I love Freeman beauty foot cream.I repurchase this cream after testing the sample. Here is the REVIEW 
  8. Who doesn't love the fuffy Panda silpper socks. This is must for the cold weather. 

So that's all for today. 
See you guys next time! 

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