Friday, December 6, 2013

November Empties 2013

Don't laughed at  me,I have barely finished anything in November.Here are some of the items that I thought post it (lol, I know , poor me!)

Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Mask

Pantene Conditioner-  No matter what I use, always stock extra pantene conditioner! 

Nivea Face Wash (Men)- Haha! okay I didn't use it. My bro and hubby finished it (lol)

Colgate Toothpaste 

DolceGabbana fragrance

Purex Detergent

Nature Republic Foot Mask- OMG! guys, it does work!! We used it and soon will give the full details! 
Sure will show you some gross photos (lol) 

Panda Soft Licarice- yuckiest candy ever. I didn't eat it but throw it away!

I guess I am not the only one who broke tons of hair clip!

Some samples from Sephora

Ahava Exfoliating Cleansing Gel (Men) - hubby loves this cleansing gel a lot. Clean up the face so well,felt refreshed and clean!! If you love your hubby/brother/father- must buy this one for them !! They'll thank you later!

Bath& BodyWorks Candle- it's a mini side table candle , fresh balsam.I don't like the smell of it. Thank God , I finished it!! 

Nutella- I am a nutella-hore. You can always find nutella in my room (extra!!) 

Some medicine expired!! 

Vitabath Bodywash- Yeash , I loved them all, The cupcake one is my most favorite! 

Sugar Lip treatment- you know, they are expensive,but worth trying. Smell nice, kinda minty, smoothes the lips well.

Some more samples!!

SO That's all my empties for November. See you guys next month!!!!
Happy Holiday!

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