Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sample Saturday || P&G Sample Box

I actually got this P&G sample box last year ( probably on September!!) And I completely forgot to post it!! (what a bad blogger!!) Yesterday, I was surfing my Dropbox, and then found these photos hidden over there☺ [BTW, do you use dropbox?☺] 
Anyway, getting samples from P&G is always makes me happy. In the box, you'll basically get home products like cleaning stuff, laundry stuff, beauty stuff etc☺ I guess this is my 4th box from them.
SO here what I received in the box-

  • Pantene age-defy shampoo+ conditioner
  • Cascade pod detergent
  • Gain scent booster 
  • SOme coupons

I think it's a nice sample size for traveling.I am not a fan of Pantene shampoo but I do love their conditioner since I was kid.mmm.. I don't know if i like it or not as I only used it once☺ 

In this Cascade samples I got two pods and I loved it too! Although, I use tide detergent but sometimes variation can be acceptable ☺ [hehe..] 

I was really happy to get this tablet kinda scent booster from Gain. We use the liquid one normally.It smell nice too! I love it.I am probably gonna buy this booster if it's available in Costco♥

Overall, I love their sample box.It's fun to try something new before you buy the full size. I remember last time I got the tide pods on the sample box and then ended up buying the full size.☺ 
If you are unfamiliar to their service , then go and sign up to get a free sample box as a treat. 

My favorite song Of the Week-♥♥♥♥♥

Have a great weekend! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

UByKotex || Putting Period Protection To The Real ife

Last week I got the awesome ''UBy Kotex" sample kit from Crowdtap!!♥♥ Well, it was really surprised me because i didn't know what they would send me!! 
Keep rolling to see what inside the box☺

In The Kit- 
  • -1 Sampling Insert
  • -2 U by Kotex zipper tins (holding 2 U by Kotex® Barely There® liners, 2 U by Kotex® Sleek* tampons and a Generation Know* bracelet)

My Thoughts- 
The tin is super cute. I have decided to give the other tin to my niece( not the stupid one!) as her birthday is coming next month. I am sure she'll love it and she does use tampon , so she will definitely use it♥ 
I am not sure I'll keep wearing the bracelet, as it's best suit to teenager☺ But it's a fun to celebrate with Kotex♥♥ 
I usually use the max size pad during my period.And use the small one if I'm almost done with it (hehe!!)  Basically I have no idea how to use tampon!! I am better happy with the pad though! I have a gross feeling about tampon(ewww!)  
Overall, I love the idea about Protection tips and tricks by UbyKotex.  

Have a nice weekened!♥


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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ipsy January 2014

I guess I am not the only one who get excited to see the ipsy bag in the mailbox every month!☺ This is my 3rd bag from ipsy.And this time I actually got the bag in the middle of the month. 

SO this month's theme is- "19 REASONS" and their bag came out in sky-blue color,bottle designs quite looks like Manhattan view☺ Again I absolutely love their cute bag.It's really fun to collect their mini ipsy bags♥ 

So this month, I got five items in the bag.It has less makeup items but more skin/hair care products♥

  • Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow (Pearl)
  • Mojito Lip Balm (Malin+Goetz)
  • Apothederm Bright Skin Serum
  • Sexy hair Leave-in Conditioner 
  • Willa Face Towelette 

This is the sample size of Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Pencil.I got the shade- pearl.OMG! if i didn't swatch it,i probably never knew how good this pencil is!! It is nicely pigmented and doesn't smudge at all!!! SO smudge-proof!!♥♥ I absolutely love it . I think I am going to use it as upper liner☺Gives a shiny effect. Unfortunately you need to use a sharpener !

I am happy to get a lip balm though.This Mojito lip balm comes in a tube.Very moisturizing and has no smell at all! It gives a shiny effect after applying on the lips;kinda works like a clear lipgloss!!♥

I actually use this APothederm Face serum before.I used it on summer time as it's kinda feels like a gel cream.It smell really weird which is why it wasn't my favorite at all.But the sample comes in a cute pumping bottle which is nice♥

Among all of it, my favorite one is the Sexy Hair Leave in conditioner from my January bag! Its a nice sample size.Travel friendly and works wonderful on my hair.It's smell like the Tresemme heat protected spray which I have been using for so long time. I need to buy the full size of this spray.Thanks ipsy♥

Finally, this Willa face Towelette! I got the same towelette on my previous Birchbox [HERE] Although, I love their other products [Review Here] but this towelette is not my favorite one. It burnt my eye areas,irritated my face which is why I dislike it. May be it's not best for sensitive/dry skin!! 

So, that's all I have received in my January ipsy bag. Let me know about yours or anything you like/dislike in the bag!♥ 

Here is the referral link if you love to join- IPSY  

Overall, I am happy about the bag.It's fun to try something different every month, isn't it? ☺☺


p.s. my previous bags-

  1. My first ipsy-November 2013
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life Lately #2 [January 2014]

So far this week was kinda messy,terrible,exhausted! 
Here are the sneakpeaks-
We found a new store close to our area! Obviously we have to peep there.and then did a lil shopping☺


I had to replace my food license card as the previous one was stolen !! [grrrr...]
Finally watched this movie- "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Gosh!, she was gorgeous!! Audrey♥♥♥ 
content- google search

Found this recipe from Pinterest- It's for the heart disease!!! Need to make this for hubby♥

Dinner made by hubby♥

Persimmon+ Cherry= great combo for dinner as well!!

Discovered the pineapple!!♥♥ tasted so good☺

I know, too much food going on! [sorry] 
I hope you have a great weekend! 
See ya♥


  1. Life Lately #1 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sample Saturday | Klout Perk | Freeman Beauty Masks

Hello everyone! Last year (probably in November!) I got another Klout perk from Freeman Beauty!!
I got three masks from them.

  • Cucumber Peel-off Mask
  • Charcoal& Black sugar Polishing Mask
  • Avocado Clay Mask

I have previously owned their cucumber and avocado mask but haven't tried the charcoal mask before.Freeman Beauty is one of my favorite-affordable brand. I guess you guys have seen my previous posts about their products.

I am mostly curious to try out the charcoal mask which I haven't opened yet but soon i'll be reviewing it !

Cucumber Peel-off mask- This mask was my first Peel-off mask (2012) It's a cool refreshing mask.But I don't think it can remove dirts/dead cell!! I love to use it on Summer time.It's also fun to try

Avocado Clay Mask-  This mask is not for me as I have dry skin;it worsen a lot!! But my hubby loves it He has oily skin.So, if you have oily skin you must try this one.

Charcoal Mask- Haven't tried yet,but soon ll be reviewing!

Chicky Talk-

  1. Finally,I have found the chia seed from the organic store.It's a healthy seeds, specially best for heart disease.My husband recently did some test for the chest pain.SO he might need to do the Angiogram!! I am trying my best to give him support and taking care of him.
  2. Recently my niece (in-law) stole my purse (clutch) where my important cards- ss card, license, insurance cards,money etc was in it.I don't understand why she did it again!! Yes, she previously stole my stuff,but I forgive her.But this time again!! it's too much!! SHe should know that I have my important papers/cards in the clutch.I don't understand why her parents don't take any action!!  BTW, she is 14 now!!  
  3. I am trying my best to conceive but still it's Negative (feeling desperate!!)
  4. Sometimes I feel so bad that I wanna go home.Feeling lonely without my family :( 


Friday, January 17, 2014

The Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox ♥

Happy Friday everyone! It always makes me Happy to get a Voxbox from +Influenster no matter what it is.
Last week, once again, I have received my first [for this year] but 6th voxbox which is called "The Sally Hansen Total Knock Out "  from them!! My hubby was rolling his eyes on me as I was screaming [usually] to get the box!

I already posted some photos of the voxbox on the Instagram, you might have seen it!
Here is the details; In the box, I have received three Sally Hansen Nail Polishes-

  • Red My Lips [470]
  • Jaded [540]
  • Pat On The Black [510]

Well, when I got the email from Influenster, I even didn't know that they'll sent me three polishes!! WOOHOO!! I was really surprised when I opened the box! ☺ Big Thanks to +Influenster and +Sally Hansen  for these awesome goodies!!☺♥♥♥

As you can see, I got three awesome shades to try on. I love all the three colors!

What Sally Hansen Is Great For-

  • The Color Coverage
  • Speed Of Application
  • Steak Free Application
  • The Brush
  • Saving Time

So here some swatches photos below.One swatches is enough to pull off but  the 'Jaded' shade is kinda pale which is why I had to apply two times! Still though it's okay,love it ♥♥♥

Aren't they Gorgeous!!☺♥

Have it all! 7 Benefits. 1 Bottle-

  • Base Coat
  • Strengthener
  • Growth Treatment
  • Color
  • Top Coat
  • Chip Resistant 
  • gel Shine Finish

My Final Thought-   I always love sally hansen polishes.I only had two polishes before until now. Their brushes is perfectly wide which allows you to make a great mani. Their formula is very thick,shiny and smooth which makes it easier to apply once time~ and you are ready to go. They dry out so fast that I don't even worry that much. Perfect mani for everyday!! ♥  Overall, I am super impressed once again!! ♪

Follow Them on Facebook  | Twitter | Instagram   

Wanna Join Influenster?- let me know if you need invitation ☺

I hope you guys wonderful Friday!! 

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