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December Empties [2013]

Hey everyone! Here is my another Empty post for December!! 

As I have mention before, that I barely finish any products and it took me so long to trash!! Hope you understand! 

Jadiance Stress-Relieving Soak - Well, This is my first herbal bath soak,I used it after my miscarriage and I really loved it.It refreshes my body and relaxed my mind as well as soul. you must try this one. I would probably gonna buy this one. 
Kirkland Body Wash- horrible body washes I have ever tried. Makes my skin super dry.I got this from Costco,just because it' smell nice.But too harsh for my skin.I actually used it to wash my bikinis (lol) Never gonna purchase it again.

Barefoot Repair Foot cream- This is my favorite foot cream ever. I know it's mainly for the diabetic patient but it does a great job for anyone.Soften my heels areas,smell nice and comes with a pair of sock. i will be reviewing it soon! Already bought two from Freemanbeauty.(Highly recommend it) 
The Body Shop Mango Scrub- I loved it,It's basically for dry skin,best in winter can check out my previous review HERE 
EOS Lip Balm- i loved this eos lip balm,The only disappointment is that it's kinda wastage of balms as I cant use all of it.Would not purchase it again. 
Organic Hair Fertilizer- I absolutely loved it.It smell amazing and I felt before that my hair does grown up after using it. Probably would purchase it.
Crest Toothpaste- I got this sample from P&G sample box.Loved it but not gonna purchase it. 

Qincai Eyeliner Pen- It's a horrible eyeliner!! I loved the pattern which is why bought it and couldn't use it as it's dried up! Bought this from ebay!! Time to toss it. Never buy this again (lol) 
Vitabath BodyWashes- I absolutely loved their body washes. Among them, my favorite one is sweet cupcake.Probably would purchase.Review HERE 
GingerChi Oil Cleanser- this is my first sample oil cleanser and I absolutely loved it. It's herbal blend cleanser that great for my dry skin as well.Highly recommend it .Check out the previous review HERE 
Nexxus Hair Serum- Love this sample.It's smell nice too.But do not purchase it again,Kinda sticky! 
One Love Body Serum- This oil/serum smell like pure orange peel which is why I loved it.But it's not last longer :( Would not purchase.Previous post HERE
Nature Republic Carrot Wash-off Pack- Loved it and reviewing it soon.
WNW Glossy eyeshadow- It's a horrible eyeshadow from the wet and wild I have ever tried. Please don't buy it.The glitter shadow is flaky and horrible.Previous Review is Here

Here is some empty packets of the products below- 
Victoria Jackson Duo Foundation | elf Eyeliner (review coming soon!) | Bare minerals primer | Em cosmetics lipstick | Be Bombshell stick 

Loccitane Almond Shower Oil- the tiny sample from sephora! I don't like any almond products as it's smell weird! But I like the formula.This is my first time testing a shower oil!! It's a foamy shower oil( impressive) Probably try out the other collection. (costly though!) 
Benefit Foundation- Loved it. May be purchase it. 
Nude Omega Moisturizer- loved it,The lady from the Sephora suggested this cream for my flaky dry skin.It's a very thick cream and doesn't have any odor smell at all.Moisturized my skin and protects from cold- windy weather!!probably wouldn't buy it as it's costly.(alternative to Nivea!)
Nature Republic Foot Peel-off Mask- It's a gross experiment but fun to try. loved it. Review coming soon. 

Some Perfume samples- Lady Gaga Fame | Giorgio Armani | Untold Elizabeth Arden | Viva la Juicy | Givenchy | Clean rain 
I love free perfume samples.It's fun to try and tested.

Unknown Sample- I actually don't remember what was in it. [sorry]
Jewelry Box- isn't it cute.But time to toss it. Lack of space :(
Medicine- folic acid from Md.[Dr. recommended for my poor cervix]

Gevalia Coffee- got this sample from facebook.It was ok 
Les Cinq amandes candies- Absolutely loved it. Here is the Review.
Vitamin Squeeze- It's horrible. Never purchase it again. 
Honey Bunches Cereal- I love cereal samples. mmm May be I would repurchase.
Dippers Chips- Loved it. Repurchase it again.
Bean chips- Loved it. Would not repurchase it though.

So that's all I have finished last month. If you have anything to ask,please feel free to comment below.I would love to reply <3

Have a wonderful weekend! 


p.s. Love this song :D

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