Monday, January 6, 2014

First Mini Haul [January 2014] || The Body Shop

HolyMoly!! My first mini haul!!! We actually went to Manhattan on Thursday to see the Snow {storm!} I know this is crazy! But we love mother nature and love to see byself (just kidding!) May be I didn't post it before but we were the victim of Sandy just to see how the storm going on and then had to stay in the street whole night as all the breezes were closed (Manhattan!) Seriously guys, don't do anything crazy Like us! :p 
So before we went home, I feel like I need to do a lil shopping & obviously my hubby is sweet enough to waste money for me :p  
So this is my first in store haul from The Body Shop;It was a tiny store but I really love it :p Though there was less items on the store which is why my haul was mini :( I actually looking for the ginger shampoo for hubby but that was out of stock :(  
Anyway, here are the unnecessary haul photos--->

I didn't understand why the lady gave me this huge bag for this four items!!! <crazy!!> 

I also apply for the body shop card to get some discount!! [probably unnecessary!] It took $10!!! 

Cranberry Body Butter ||  It was on 50% sale; I will be updated soon.

Radiance Rain forest Conditioner || I picked up this conditioner for my colored hair.Hope it works. Will be update soon.

Camomile Cleansing Butter || I was hooked up with oil cleanser since last year.Have been heard good stuff about this cleansing balm.Let's see if it works on my skin too. 

The Sparkler (pink shimmer) || My husband picked this for me.How sweet! I actually don't like shimmer that much;but really don't wanna hurt him.And the bottle looks so pretty too that makes me said yes :p 

Let me know if you have tried any of it.

p.s. childhood fvt song :p

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