Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life Lately #1 [January 2014]

Good Morning! Happy Sunday!
A new post for the New Year!
In this post I'll write about what i have done or up to and some little talk/chat.

This photo made my day! look some funny smile of shark!! ☺

I have been wearing my comfy socks a lot.It's so warm and fluffy!!

Lunch date with hubby! Here is my outfit for the day! [too much rice!!]

Bangladeshi foods!!

Met with friends!!

Watched light houses!!

My first snow storm !!

Selfie with hubby!

Having mochachino!

Morning Detox

Hubby made dinner 

Hotdog craving at home!

Praying everyday is a new goal again!

I am hooked up with the Tv series- Sherlock!! waiting to watch season3 !!

And also excited to watch more episode of "Helix" .love the new series!

That's all for today! 
See you next week!!

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