Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life Lately #2 [January 2014]

So far this week was kinda messy,terrible,exhausted! 
Here are the sneakpeaks-
We found a new store close to our area! Obviously we have to peep there.and then did a lil shopping☺


I had to replace my food license card as the previous one was stolen !! [grrrr...]
Finally watched this movie- "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Gosh!, she was gorgeous!! Audrey♥♥♥ 
content- google search

Found this recipe from Pinterest- It's for the heart disease!!! Need to make this for hubby♥

Dinner made by hubby♥

Persimmon+ Cherry= great combo for dinner as well!!

Discovered the pineapple!!♥♥ tasted so good☺

I know, too much food going on! [sorry] 
I hope you have a great weekend! 
See ya♥


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