Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mango+Passion Fruit Sugar Body Scrub

I think I am getting addicted to Sugar Scrub!! Is it bad?? Who cares till it's give me such an awesome benefit!! Currently I am using this Mango and passion fruit Body scrub from the toiletry company. It's a huge size (19 oz) which probably great for big family! [Yes, I let others to use my stuff sometimes!] It's smell amazing which is why I basically bought this.[Haul Post HERE]  
It's an oil based sugar scrub which is also great for dry skin,kinda similar to the body shop Mango Scrub but a bit drier than that one.I love that how it exfoliate and smooth the skin.It doesn't melt quickly like the body shop sugar scrub which i really like about it.I can just use a few drops of water and mixed it and then message on the skin.Do not use it too harshly or you'll hurt you skin.I use it all over my body except sensitive areas and face.
I love sugar scrub especially in winter season as the oil gives a layer to my skin and hydrates/moisturized without any greasiness. 
I got this from Marshall for $5.99 [Regular $10] 

Have you used this sugar scrub before? 

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